Be Love on Wheels


Are you the kind of person that lights up a room when you walk in? Or, are you the kind of person that sucks the energy out of the room? I had a client years ago that was voted the best business in the state, and the owner of that company taught me something really brilliant. She said, “when we interview people, as soon as that candidate walks out, we ask everyone, ‘Did that person give you energy or take away energy?’” Huh. That made an impression on my brain, and I have never forgotten that. You see, at every moment, we’re either breathing life into life or were sucking it out. We are never neutral.

Now, it’s a decision, and in every moment we know how to suck the energy out of a room, but we make a decision to light up a room. Are you the kind of person that makes everybody happy because you exist there? Are you the kind of person that moves things ahead because you exist? Are you the kind of person who sees the world in a positive way? Be love on wheels. Light up the room when you walk into it and keep the room lit.

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    There is no transcription text available for this video “Be Love on Wheels” on the website?

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