How to Help Your Customer



Your job exists because there are customers of your organization. Your job is to be consumed with interest in how to help those customers. You see, you don’t have a transaction job, you have a transformational job. Your job is to see them in the possibility of something great and to be thinking about, how do you make their roles so much better. You see, if you’re truly just getting by and doing the basic things in your job and doing what’s necessary, as prescribed in your job, you’re going to have an okay job.

But if you really get about making an impact, man, you’re going to have a great job, a great career, and you’re going to go home every day going, my world rocks! And it’s because you decided to make a difference in the world. If you’re not happy with your life right now, you’re probably not being of enough service to enough people. Happiness comes when we impact. What impact do you choose to make, and how will you be consumed with helping the people around you?

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