Stop Picking on the Boss



It’s trendy these days to pick on the boss. If you watch any social media, you’ll hear people complaining about their supervisor or their CEO. And everyone thinks that’s okay, but the reality is that’s one side of the story. You see, if you go home to your spouse and you complain about your CEO, that spouse, if they’re truly listening, should be saying something to the fact of “what’s the other side of the story?” There’s always another side of the story.

You see, when we pick on the CEO, the CEO loses their ability to lead. When the CEO loses the ability to lead, the organization loses the ability to thrive. When the organization loses the ability to thrive, you lose the ability to be promoted, to receive raises and bonuses. You see how this works? If instead you support the CEO and appreciate the CEO and give good suggestions to the CEO and don’t play the victim game, you can allow for your organization to thrive. So just because others do what’s popular which is pick on the CEO, realize how terrible that is in terms of creating a potential for your organization and for your career.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for putting the text with the video message!!!

  2. John Shelton says:

    Thank you for the text along with the video!

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