Don’t Keep it to Yourself



We’ve all heard that person who holds their cards tight to their chest and says, “I’m not going to show anybody else how I do what I do. It’s called job security.” Well, that’s called job elimination, because if you’re not giving other people the ability to walk in tomorrow and do everything that you could do, you are not really a team player, and that means they probably need to get rid of you now.

Instead, be the person who has daily checklists, weekly checklists, quarterly checklists that all tie to the procedures of how you do your job so that if you get sick one hour from now, that anybody can step in, know exactly where you’re at, and know exactly how to do the job. That’s how you get promoted, that’s how you become seen as a team player, and that’s how you impact people in a positive way.

Stop holding the cards tight to your chest. I know you’ve heard it, but you’ve not heard it from someone who ever advances in the organization, and I promise you, people like that, your exec team is looking to find a way to release them, and quickly. So decide not to be that person. Instead, create the checklists and the procedures such that anybody can walk in and step into your job successfully.

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