When Life Just isn’t Working



Okay, let’s face it. Life is not perfect. There are seven billion people on planet earth, and they’re all not waking up every day and saying how to take care of you. So sometimes you just get bummed. And you get into a funk. And you’re doing the same old thing and it’s not working. And you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Okay, welcome to planet earth. That’s happened to every one of us.

And you have a responsibility. The more you become self-consumed with “The world is not treating you well,” the more you can’t get yourself out of that. Next time you get into a funk, ask yourself one question. “How am I going to go create more value in the world? And how can I do it right now? How can I make my significant other happier? How can I do more for my children? How can I make a bigger impact at work? How can I help out my team members?”

When you’re about making an impact, you get yourself out of the funk. It’s a decision to start to add even more value. It’s also a decision to stop thinking those repetitive thoughts of, “I’m not happy,” and start thinking about how grateful you are for everything that you have. “I’m grateful I have a job, it pays the bills. I’m grateful I have team members around me, that we get to laugh together sometimes. I’m grateful that I have a supervisor that cares about me. I am grateful that I have opportunities. I’m grateful that I have legs that work and arms that work and that I get to breathe air every day.”

The more we give gratitude for the little things, the faster we get out of the funk. So I don’t know about you, I’m glad I get to take the next breath. What an opportunity.

3 Responses to “When Life Just isn’t Working”

  1. Donald John says:

    When the student is ready…..the teacher shall appear. This message hit the mark this morning – thank you!

  2. Christine Hankins says:

    This is spot on! Thank you for reminding us to be thankful and grateful! Make a difference everyday in your workplace and at home with your family! Bring value to others everyday!

  3. Vasu Radia says:

    hit the nail right on the head!

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