Acknowledge Your Teams Wins



There was the research that was done of managers, and that if they spend the last 15 minutes of their day just acknowledging everything good that happened for the day, that their productivity went up, like over 40 percent. It was crazy to see the impact of that.

You see, there’s a brain chemistry change that happens when we’re acknowledging what works. That’s why we love daily huddles, and quarterly celebrations, and other things that celebrate how people tie themselves to profit, and the impact they’re having in moving those needles. When you celebrate successes, you’re doing more than celebrating successes. You’re changing your brain chemistry, because every time you acknowledge that you create a success, your self-confidence goes up. When your self-confidence goes up, you see yourself as someone who can do the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing.

So, celebrate successes with gusto, and I promise you, you will create even more success in your life.

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