Let Go of Defensiveness

A master is never defensive. A master actually likes the learning that comes from being challenged. It’s an enjoyable and educational process.

Mastery means turning down the defensiveness that comes naturally to all of us. Defensiveness looks like when someone challenges us, trying to take the stand of being right.

We can be happy, or we can be right—we can’t be both. So, the next time someone challenges you, it’s a great opportunity for you to learn through humility (instead of insisting you are right) by saying: “Tell me more about that, I want to understand.”

One Response to “Let Go of Defensiveness”

  1. Tiffani Allred says:

    This is a great lesson! It can be a difficult for everyone at times, but it can come easier with practice.
    I have actually been working on this in my life. Through practice I can now notice when I’m becoming defensive. So now I have a chance to correct the action and learn. Thank you!

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