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Challenging Times Reveal Character

Friday, March 27th, 2020

We’re living in different times right now, and they are very challenging. But challenging times are when character is revealed. So how do you decide the right kind of actions to take during a time like this to really make an impact for your clientele, your career and also your organization?

Number one, start with the spirit of help. Make sure that everyone knows that you are game on, all in, stepping in to make a difference in everyone’s lives every day. And that doesn’t just mean reactionary things, it means proactive things. It also means that you’ve never had more of a need within your organization to have compassionate listening skills to find out what’s needed and wanted by your clientele and also from your team members.

These are not the times to sit and wait for someone to tell you what to do. These are the times instead, to take the right actions in the right order and to find out how resourceful you can be.

Lastly, make sure that you’re choosing joy. Yes, there’s a lot to contemplate that’s not good. There’s a lot of problems that are about to hit and a lot of it can be rather ugly. But here’s the reality. We’ve been through world wars, we’ve been through other recessions, we’ve been through the Great Depression. Life goes on and it’ll get good again. The one thing that we can choose is our attitude, so choose joy, and spread it around your organization and to your clients as well.

Now is a time when you’re really needed to bring your highest and best self to work every day.

Win and Celebrate

Monday, December 23rd, 2019

How do you create a culture of celebration and accomplishment?

Most people think, as I did, that appreciation comes only from managers and leaders, and that’s where the responsibility lies. But the research is fascinating: It actually shows that when we have a culture where people appreciate each other throughout the organization, that’s actually more important to the culture than having the leadership and the managers doing the appreciating.

So, how do you step into celebrating your teammates—making sure that you’re high-fiving them as you walk by and making sure that they have their confidence built every day? Step in to be a celebrator and step in to be an appreciator. 

You’ll feel even more celebrated and appreciated yourself, simply by engaging in that act of kindness.

The Not-So-Innocent Bystander

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Back in college, my closest friends and I would joke around continuously. We’d laugh and we’d laugh. But sometimes, the joking would go just a little bit too far. We’d joke about someone in a way we wouldn’t do if they were there with us.

In those moments, I’d sit back and tell myself that if I weren’t the one overstepping the invisible boundary, well then, I was innocent. I was wrong about that.

You see, I could have stepped in. I could have voiced my opinion with saying “this is not okay!”

But I didn’t.

How often do you passively watch things occur that are inconsistent with your standard of ethics? Imagine just how easy it would be to step in.

Focus on orchestrating only ‘good things around you. Diligently intervene when you see otherwise.

Standing passively by is not the same as standing innocently by.


Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Author Sam Parker knows the power of kindness for business. A company in which employees take action to make things better for each other and for their customers is a company that works. It’s a company that ends up with a healthy and productive culture. And that means profit.

He calls it the Smile & Move principle.

It’s about going above and beyond to find ways to make a bigger difference for teammates, bosses, and customers, to practice random acts of kindness.

As a bonus, nothing boosts your own self-esteem as much as doing kind things for other people.

Our day is full of choices. Every time something doesn’t go right, you have a kind way and an unkind way to handle it. Your character is revealed by how you make those choices, time after time. Choose kindness. It costs you nothing, and in fact, those around you are more likely to reciprocate when you make the kind choice.

Everybody wins!


Monday, January 11th, 2016

Great businesses are composed of ordinary people who decide to come together to be GREAT. This happens best if we take a moment to define things that keep us from being our higher selves. And one of the biggest is inauthenticity—living and acting contrary to our own stated values and the team values we’ve agreed to.

You see it in many forms. Jim goes home each day and complains about his boss, but never goes to his boss and asks in a professional way for what he needs.

Jennifer doesn’t tell the boss she stopped doing some monthly report because she didn’t think he’d notice.

Tom comes late to work each Tuesday because he knows his boss is out on Tuesdays and probably won’t find out.

Inauthenticity is made up of those slips of integrity that people rationalize because “everybody does it.” Soon it permeates the workplace and kills the souls of the people who do it, not to mention those who are around it.

When someone in a workplace decides to begin living and working authentically, no matter what, it becomes contagious. It can be the beginning of a genuine transformation that sweeps through the culture of a company. I’ve seen it happen, over and over and over.

Make the choice today to become the great contributor you know you can be by putting inauthentic behaviors behind you once and for all.