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No Sometimes Means Not Now

Monday, January 15th, 2018


I’ll never forget being on a bus in Turkey and this man was trying to sell me some scarves and he was very, very pushy. And my son at the time was ten years old he turned to the guy and he says, when my mom says no, she means no. I’ll never forget that story cause the entire bus broke into laughter. But, the reality is no doesn’t always mean no. I’m glad my son thought it at the time however. No can sometimes mean not now. It just means it wasn’t presented in the optimal way. So, whenever you receive a no, ask yourself how can you get the person enrolled in a better understanding and what did you miss on your side of the conversation that would help them better understand to get to a result that optimizes the situation. So, no doesn’t always mean no.

Discipline or Regret

Monday, December 25th, 2017


The late Jim Rohn used to say there are only two pains in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. But the good news is we get to choose. I love that concept. You see in life we can have regrets of all the things we didn’t do, the health we didn’t have, the success we didn’t have. Those are all regrets. Alternatively, we have the disciplines. The disciplines of what we do to have good relationships. The disciplines that we do to have good health. The disciplines that we do to make sure that we are effective at our jobs.

So, all we have to do in life is create good disciplines and hold ourselves to them. How can you decide today to put one new discipline in place and to give yourself credit for it everyday and build it into a habit and then bring in another new discipline behind that. Because disciplines are what make successful people successful. However you define success, that’s up to you. So you have two choices for pain, discipline or regret. You choose.

Negotiate Before a Breakdown

Monday, October 30th, 2017



We all want to hit our deadlines and we want to hit our outcomes. But, sometimes, things just go funky and we get behind and we have problems. So, what do you do?

Do you hide and hope nobody notices? I hope not. Because when you do such a thing, suddenly people start to look at you as though you are someone who cannot be trusted. Alternatively, when you know you’re about to have a breakdown, get vocal. Make sure people know. “Guys, I’m in trouble. Next Tuesday is when this is due. I’m falling behind on this. I’m not hitting that number. I want you guys to know. Here’s what I’m doing about it.”

Get visible and vocal, and renegotiate before. The last thing you want to do is to go into your boss and say, “I didn’t hit the deadline. I wish I would understand the project,” because we had plenty of time to talk about that before.

Never let someone down; but alternatively, renegotiate before you hit a deadline. And, make sure you have an agreement so that you can keep your integrity. Because without integrity, there is no basis for a relationship.

What to do when you blow it

Monday, October 23rd, 2017



Oh my goodness, you blew it! Has that ever happened? Happens to me all the time. Here’s the thing to do. We all are going to blow up, but it’s how we handle it when we make a mistake.

When a mistake happens and you blow it and you blame, that’s not a good thing for building your career. It’s also deteriorating to the relationships that you have. Alternatively, when you blow it, here are the words that come out of your mouth: “I blew it and here’s my massive corrective action plan to get back on track.”

No one wants to hear that the dog ate your homework. That is not a good plan for building relationship. They do want to hear, “I blew it guys. This isn’t okay. Here’s what I’m doing about this.” When you speak those kind of words, they see you as being a leader and someone that can be trusted. But the best part is how you feel about you.

Accepting Feedback Can Be Hard

Sunday, October 1st, 2017



Accepting feedback can be hard. We don’t like to hear that we’re not perfect.
But guess what…7 billion people on planet Earth and not one of us has it completely going on. We all have imperfections, it’s part of the human condition. So get over it.

And, in fact, the people giving you feedback are coming from the right space. The worst thing you can do is shut that down. If you’re a person who naturally becomes defensive whenever receiving feedback, you probably know that about yourself. But just because that’s who you used to be, doesn’t mean that’s who you are. So be intentional.

When someone’s giving you feedback, even if it’s hurting on the inside, say, “Thank you, what else can I learn from you about how to do this better?” By getting into the spirit and doing the things that confident people do, you will melt down your defensiveness. And as a result, increase your results and your joy at work. I promise.