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Renegotiate Before You Miss a Deadline

Monday, October 22nd, 2018




If you know that you’re going to miss a deadline, when would be a good time to talk to someone about that who is impacted by it? That’s right—long BEFORE the deadline.

In fact, maybe you can renegotiate that deadline well in advance. Because if you surprise someone, that’s a problem! I used to have a boss who said to me one time, “Roxanne, tell me the good news, tell me the bad news. Just don’t ever surprise me.” I think that’s how each of us wants to be in life. We don’t want to be surprised.

So, if you know you can’t hit a deadline, renegotiate it in advance. If you know you can’t hit an outcome, renegotiate or go get some help in advance. But don’t surprise someone by just pretending it’s not happening or hoping they don’t notice. You keep your integrity because you renegotiate in advance if something is truly renegotiable. And if it’s not? Get the coaching you need to make sure you hit the commitment, or get the help you need to make sure that your team is not let down.

Be the person that your dog thinks you are. Live your commitments.

Don’t Nod Unless You Mean it

Monday, October 15th, 2018




The workplace is filled with people who nod and pretend like they’re going to do something, who don’t really mean it. Don’t nod if you don’t mean it!

If someone asks you to do something, be COMMITTED to that. And if you don’t commit, please don’t nod. Because when you have that passive aggressive behavior, people stop trusting you and start to label you as someone who’s passive aggressive.

So, if you disagreed with something, renegotiate at the moment that the request is made with an alternative idea and suggest another way of doing it and see which is better. But once a commitment is made, then a commitment is made!

If you disagree, you must speak up! Because otherwise, the assumption is: You gave your word. And now there’s just one game to play: Live your word.

Live Your Word

Monday, October 8th, 2018




Do you live your commitments? We all like to think that we’re honest and credible, and yet, there is no way that you can 100 percent of the time be in 100 percent integrity. But the game is to get as close to that as possible.

There’s lots of ways that we break our word (i.e. not being to work on time, not hitting a deadline, not handing a report in on time, not hitting an outcome, etc.) Each of those is a promise. Your critical drivers are a promise. Your deadlines are a promise. Your commitments to your supervisor are a promise.

Every time you break a promise, your self esteem goes down. Every time your self esteem goes down, your more likely to not live your promises.

So, be the kind of person who sets the intention to bring your integrity up. To constantly be working on making sure that you live your word every day.

Hit Your Results Regardless of Circumstances

Monday, October 1st, 2018




Would a recession keep you from having results? What about not having enough time? These are good reasons for why you can’t get something done, but the reality is that successful people hit their results regardless of circumstances.

You see, if there is a situation that happens and you still need to hit the outcome, there’s a place in between: What you can DO about it. Which means something has to change here and get better and more effective.

When you say, “I can’t hit this outcome because of the economy,” what you are basically saying is, “I am not at cause for really being here. I am just an instrument—a puppet being yanked around on its strings. I have no power. I have no control.”

Well, guess what? You DO have power. You DO have control. And when you create results REGARDLESS of circumstances, that makes you effective. When you’re effective, people notice, and you have a lot more fun doing what you’re doing.

So, be at cause to create results regardless of the circumstances.

Don’t Say What You Can’t Do

Monday, September 24th, 2018




Please, don’t tell us what you can’t do. Tell us what you CAN do.

You see, simply by saying the “n’t” words, (“I can’t have those papers to you until Thursday,” “I won’t have that done for you,” “I can’t hit that deadline”) we start to perceive you as someone who doesn’t really care.

If instead, you say, “I CAN have those papers to you until Thursday” or “I WILL get that done” or “I’d be delighted to make that happen,” you can see the difference.

You see, your language basically tells people about your attitude. If you’re constantly bringing in the “n’t” words and saying what you can’t, won’t, and don’t do as opposed to what you’re committed to, people see you as someone who doesn’t care or isn’t effective at what they do. It also causes people not to trust you.

So, instead, tell us what you CAN do and negotiate for what’s possible and I promise you that people will perceive you a whole lot differently.