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Owning Your Relationships

Monday, May 6th, 2019

Last week we talked about how important it was for you to create a great relationship with your boss—assuming the best and owning the responsibility of having a great relationship.

We talked about how for more than 75% of employees, dealing with their immediate supervisor is the most stressful part of their job and the research that shows that half of employees have a shaky relationship with their boss.

Let’s cover several more ideas about how to make a better relationship with your boss.

Take yourself lightly—and your results seriously

You’re boss’s boss demands results and so therefore…well, that means you need to produce results. Stay playful and fun AND make sure you hit your deadlines and your goals. That’s the job.

Next: Be Dependable

If the project is due at 3:00 every Thursday, then, well, it’s due at 3:00 every Thursday…Even if it’s your busiest week for the year. Even if you have a hang nail. It’s just plain due at 3:00 on Thursday.

You shouldn’t need reminders and cajoling to get your work done—if the work is due, the work is due. If the outcome is defined, then find a way to hit the outcome.

Simple. Easy. Just be dependable.

Next, be genuine.

There’s a funky thing that happens when someone isn’t performing. They become disingenuous. They start looking for people to blame. On the top of the list is always—the boss.

But it’s not the boss who isn’t performing. It’s you. So, stay sincere and stay humble. Deal with it by being authentic and ask for the help you need. We all get off track. Character is revealed by how we handle those situations.

And next, be resourceful.

Learned helplessness is a growing phenomenon—you see it all the time. People who say, “Well, I don’t know how to do that so I stopped.”

Well, here’s an important distinction. You weren’t hired to quit…you were hired to persevere. In a world where Google gives you almost every answer to every question within seconds, there is no reason to stop. Even if you can’t access Google, you still can be resourceful.

Next, anticipate needs.

A friend told me once how he moved up the ladder with record speed to become the assistant to the General. He started in the mail room. And while dropping the mail for the general said, “General, if you’d like, I can open the mail and draft an initial response to every piece and then make the changes based on what you tell me to do.”

After just a few letters, he was advanced to one of the top positions in the army. He anticipated needs.

How can you find ways to add more value and anticipate the needs of your supervisor?

Start applying these 11 ways to improve your relationship with your boss and watch your career blossom.

Conquer your fear and lethargy

Monday, April 29th, 2019

There are basically two things that are getting in the way of your next level of success, lethargy and fear. Lethargy is just, “Mmm . . . can we sit on the sofa and watch television tonight?” There’s always something that keeps us from the discipline of doing what we know we need to do to elevate to the next level.

The other one is fear. That little common voice that comes across to all of us that says, “You’re not enough. You’re not enough. There must be somebody smarter. There must be somebody better.” But the reality is, everything great was created by a mere mortal. Someone who didn’t have any more intelligence, didn’t have anything else that others didn’t have. They just conquered their fear and their lethargy.

Your Vulnerability is Your Power

Monday, February 19th, 2018


Sometimes I feel like people are walking around with a face on a stick. They have a façade and when they pull that away, there’s the real person underneath that.

Your vulnerability is your power. Being real is your power. Being authentic about where you have fears or where you have concerns, that’s your power.

When you come as the real person that you are, as opposed to putting your face on a stick, you allow for authentic communication pattern to happen within your workplace. And it’s okay.

When you’re real, people will be there wanting to help you through that and so, just be real. Enjoy the fact that the face on the stick can go away now, it’s no longer necessary, you get to be you.

Create Your Future

Monday, January 22nd, 2018


Thank God it’s Monday, because you an opportunity to create a great Monday and a great week. You see, this week isn’t just going to happen to you. You can get to create that week if you choose to. Most people aren’t conscious of this. They think life occurs to them, and they don’t realize that they create a life.

For instance, if you want to have a great day, you’re going to go about it differently, won’t you? You’re going to be happier. You’re going to look for great things to happen around you. You’re going to be more disciplined in creating great things. You’re going to improve your relationships, and as a result, you’ll create a great Monday. Then, why not take it into the rest of the week? You see, creating a great life is just about having great choices and being committed to creating a possibility that you had never even dreamed possible.

Take Care of Your Brain

Monday, January 8th, 2018


How’s your brain doing today? No, seriously, how’s your brain doing today? You see, your brain and how it functions doesn’t just happen one way. It operates differently based on the fact that you’re taking care of it. Exercise and good positive thinking and good healthy eating habits all impact the fact that you can think more clearly when you’re at work.

The reality is when we’re eating fried foods and eating burgers, we’re changing our brain chemistry in a way that doesn’t serve our ability to focus. If you’re having a difficult time focusing, you’re probably ingesting some things you shouldn’t be and not getting the exercise that you need.

If you want success in your life, and also health in your life, you’ll need to be considering a little bit about how will you be taking care of your brain and getting your omegas, your rest, your sleep and eating the kind of food that keeps you optimizing your results because you matter. Taking care of you is probably the most important job you have.