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Come from a Place of Giving

Monday, November 27th, 2017



Do you wake up on Monday and say, “Thank God it’s Monday?” I hope so. And if you haven’t been, I think I have the magic formula to turn that around.

No, it doesn’t mean looking for a different job. It means making this job rock. And the way to do that is to come from a generous spirit. To ask yourself, how can I add more value today? How can I make a bigger impact? How can I delight people in such a way that their world is so much better?

You see, when we come from a generous spirit, and we come from that place of “How can I be of great service?” we start to love our job.

I hope that you get to say Thank God it’s Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and you know what, you can even say Thank God it’s Friday because there’s only three days left until Monday. Because when you’re of contribution, you can’t wait to get going.

Look for the good in people

Monday, May 15th, 2017


Have you heard the famous quote, “We see the world not as it is, but how we are.”? Yeah. That’s a good one, isn’t it? And I’ve found it to be true.

You see, people who are constantly looking for the good things in people—guess what? They find the good things. People who are thinking that we live in a world of possibilities and that there’s huge potential to grow the business, they find the prospects. They get the additional business because they see the world that way.

Or, perhaps you know the people who see the world as hard and difficult, and filled with scarcity. It’s amazing how we live out our worldview. What if you lived in a world of possibilities? From now on, whenever you see an opportunity you go, “How could I go create a miracle in this area?” I know I can. Now it’s just, how can I?

Living from a place of abundance and possibility, and being the kind of person who is powerful to go create it is a whole different world to you, and it’s a fun place to play. Try it on. See how it works for you. I guarantee you whatever you’re doing right now, you can double your results fast, just by putting yourself in the place of asking the question, “How could I make another miracle happen?” Enjoy your miracles.

Show Appreciation This Thanksgiving Week

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving week—a week where we show appreciation. And it’s a good time to remember that the people we work with are not perfect.

Our bosses? Not perfect. Our companies? Not perfect.

But, what an opportunity to appreciate the perfection within them, the wonderful things they do, and the caring they give.

Let me ask you this—if you were to sit down and ask yourself every morning, “What are three things I’m really appreciative of?” I suspect that you’ll find—if you force yourself to say something new every day—that the list would be UNLIMITED.

So today, go around to the people you appreciate, thank them for what they do. Thank your boss for the fact that you have a job. Thank your company for making sure you get a pay check every week. And be in that gracious spirit because the spirit of Thanksgiving is alive and well.

Be Direct

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Every employee who disagrees with a policy or a decision has a choice: ignore it, whine about it, or be direct.

Ignoring something you don’t agree with is fine, so long as you feel the difference of opinion is not a serious error. If you feel that a policy or decision is harmful in a way that really matters, you have an obligation as a member of the team to voice your concern.

But here’s the thing: Don’t whisper your concern in a “meeting outside of the meeting.” That’s destructive to the team. Don’t cross your arms, roll your eyes, and whine to your colleagues who have no way to influence the outcome.

If it doesn’t matter, forget it! But if it does, you have an obligation to put your grownup pants on and head straight for the decision makers who can do something about it.

If those decision makers are worth their salt, and you present the idea calmly and clearly, your stock will go up in their eyes.

Owning Your Relationships

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Last week we talked about how important it was for you to create a great relationship with your boss—assuming the best and owning the responsibility of having a great relationship.

We talked about how for more than 75% of employees, dealing with their immediate supervisor is the most stressful part of their job and the research that shows that half of employees have a shaky relationship with their boss.

Let’s cover several more ideas about how to make a better relationship with your boss.

Take yourself lightly—and your results seriously

You’re boss’s boss demands results and so therefore…well, that means you need to produce results. Stay playful and fun AND make sure you hit your deadlines and your goals. That’s the job.

Next: Be Dependable

If the project is due at 3:00 every Thursday, then, well, it’s due at 3:00 every Thursday…Even if it’s your busiest week for the year. Even if you have a hang nail. It’s just plain due at 3:00 on Thursday.

You shouldn’t need reminders and cajoling to get your work done—if the work is due, the work is due. If the outcome is defined, then find a way to hit the outcome.

Simple. Easy. Just be dependable.

Next, be genuine.

There’s a funky thing that happens when someone isn’t performing. They become disingenuous. They start looking for people to blame. On the top of the list is always—the boss.

But it’s not the boss who isn’t performing. It’s you. So, stay sincere and stay humble. Deal with it by being authentic and ask for the help you need. We all get off track. Character is revealed by how we handle those situations.

And next, be resourceful.

Learned helplessness is a growing phenomenon—you see it all the time. People who say, “Well, I don’t know how to do that so I stopped.”

Well, here’s an important distinction. You weren’t hired to quit…you were hired to persevere. In a world where Google gives you almost every answer to every question within seconds, there is no reason to stop. Even if you can’t access Google, you still can be resourceful.

Next, anticipate needs.

A friend told me once how he moved up the ladder with record speed to become the assistant to the General. He started in the mail room. And while dropping the mail for the general said, “General, if you’d like, I can open the mail and draft an initial response to every piece and then make the changes based on what you tell me to do.”

After just a few letters, he was advanced to one of the top positions in the army. He anticipated needs.

How can you find ways to add more value and anticipate the needs of your supervisor?

Start applying these 11 ways to improve your relationship with your boss and watch your career blossom.