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Make Yourself Even More Useful

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Useful is as Useful Does

By just about any measure, you’re doing well—happy in your work, your colleagues, your compensation. But you’re ready for a new challenge. After years in the same position, it’s getting harder to find motivation and interest on a daily basis. You don’t want out—you want UP. But how to get there?

You’ve tried hinting. You’ve tried flattery. You’ve even tried waving your hand in the air every time one of the bosses asks for a volunteer, and still you’re marking time in the same position.

The key is to start creating and seizing your OWN opportunities.


Give the Minimum, Get the Ax

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

A great new feature was added to credit card statements last year. You’ve probably seen it. Pay the minimum due each month, it says, and you’ll end up paying two or three times as much over the course of 10 or 17 or 22 years. Add just a few dollars more each time, though, and you’ll polish off the balance in 2-3 years and save thousands of dollars.