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Bring Your Higher Self to Work




I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have an evil twin. The evil twin doesn’t always bring her best self to work and at home every moment. I don’t know if that happens to you—but I do know that it happens to me!

Now, I work really hard to make sure that she doesn’t show up and she doesn’t come to work every day. It takes consciousness.

You see, when we’re triggered by things, (like when we’re hungry, when we’re tired, when we’re overwhelmed, and when things don’t go the way we want them to) it’s easy for us to say, “Well, because that happened, now I get to reciprocate with this bad behavior.”

Well, your higher self would probably say, “Those bad things happened. Now, let’s show that character is revealed when tough things happen.”

So, every day, bring your higher self to work and I promise you: You will enjoy yourself a whole lot more, and so will your team.





You see, every day people are sharing their opinions, ideas, and facts, but there are some people who tune it out because they have an attitude of “I know, I got that.” And when you have that, “I know, I got that,” you miss the nuance and you miss the deeper level meaning of what’s really intended.

And so, when you allow yourself to listen as if you are going to learn something very powerful, and not come from a place of “I know, that I know, that I know,” you’ll open yourself up to some better distinctions and understandings that allow for better success.

If you allow yourself to ask questions, be curious, and listen like you’ve never listened before to what’s being said, you’re going to hear some things that you may not have ever heard before. And maybe you DON’T know everything. Maybe there are other possibilities that allow for you to get there a whole lot easier.

What Would it Take to Triple Your Results




I’ve got a question for you: What would it be like to triple your results within 90 days?

Think about that. No, really think about that.

What if you could triple your results in 90 days?

And here’s the better question: How could you do that?

You see, when we hear a thought like that, immediately, we think “That’s not doable.” “That’s unrealistic.”

Well, if you think that way, guess what? You’re right!

If instead, stay in the questionable:

“What would I need to do?”

“What kind of disciplines would I need to have?”

“What would I need to learn?”

“How would I focus my time?”

“How would I stay attentive to the few most important things?”

“What would I get rid of?”

By thinking truly about HOW you make it happen, you might make it happen.

What’s possible for you if you truly DID triple your results in 90 days? I don’t know what it would be—but I promise it would be good!

Decide to Have Fun Every Day




Work is not something you think about as being fun. Let’s face it: If it were a hysterical amount of fun every day, you’d probably be paying an admission fee, calling it Disney, and wearing little mouse ears on your head.

So, work is still work. But you can MAKE it fun. Winning is fun. Making an impact on customers is fun. Developing relationships with team members is fun. But those things don’t just happen, you have to make it happen!

If you’re not the kind of person that sets the intention to create fun in your workplace, I promise you, you’re not having any fun. You’ll see it sometimes with your peers. When they don’t like one job, they move on to the next one. Then they don’t like that job, and they move to the next one.

They always seem to have the same reason they move from job to job. Again, it goes back to Carl Jung’s projection: We don’t like in others what we don’t like within ourselves.

If you decide to make work great and you put your heart all in, I promise you that you will love what you do every day.

Take Responsibility for Your Relationships




Your relationship with your supervisor is one of the most important relationships you have. They can coach you to be better at what you do. They can find opportunities. They can suggest additional training for you. They usually are really looking out for you!

What’s typical and accepted in the workplace is for us to say negative things about the supervisor—often because they are challenging you to have better performance! But know that they are challenging you to have better performance because they care about you! Obviously they care about the performance as well, but if they didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t say anything. They would just start preparing for your exit.

So, know that they’re a stand for you. So, take good care of that relationship. Be appreciative of the feedback. Implement the feedback. Ask for more feedback. And have a kindness of spirit as you address the differences of opinion about how you will make things happen.