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See Yourself as Healthy



I have friends who are 83 years old who fly to other countries, land and do full-day high-energy seminars. I also see people at our local independent living facility that I go to often who seem to relish in their aches and pains and “accept” that their productive life is virtually over.

Here are a few tips to keep you healthy and functioning regardless of your age.

  • Don’t talk about your ailments—those conversations are usually crafted get a little sympathy—but instead it gets you labeled as a complainer.
  • Also, stop worrying about being ill. The mind is a powerful instrument that tends to give us what we expect and spend the most time thinking about. Illness comes from three things—improper nutrition, inadequate exercise and mindset. Get on top of all three.
  • Lastly, be grateful for what you have. It is proven that gratitude actually lengthens telomers in your cells and longer telomers extend life. Start and end each day with thinking of three things you are grateful for.

Use Big Thinkers Language



Do you limit your potential because of your language?

David Schwartz, author of How to Think Big teaches us that language is the precursor to results. He said to use a Big Thinkers Vocabular.

  • Use big, positive and cheerful words and phrases to describe how you feel
  • Use bright, cheerful and favorable words to describe other people
  • Praise others lavishly
  • Use positive words to outline plans to others. Instead of talking of problems—talk of opportunities to shine. Build castles…don’t dig graves with your language.

Question Assumptions


Every organization seems to have assumptions. Some of them are quite frankly very worthwhile, because the world goes around quite easily, because those assumptions aren’t challenged, and things could just move ahead. But some assumptions just aren’t based on truth. And so, it’s important to know when and how to challenge assumptions, to make sure that just because there is a “conventional belief system” that things are a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Sometimes by challenging something, a profound breakthrough is available for you and your team. So, occasionally, make sure that you bring it up and ask, “Why are we doing it that way, and might there be a better way?”

Your Vulnerability is Your Power


Sometimes I feel like people are walking around with a face on a stick. They have a façade and when they pull that away, there’s the real person underneath that.

Your vulnerability is your power. Being real is your power. Being authentic about where you have fears or where you have concerns, that’s your power.

When you come as the real person that you are, as opposed to putting your face on a stick, you allow for authentic communication pattern to happen within your workplace. And it’s okay.

When you’re real, people will be there wanting to help you through that and so, just be real. Enjoy the fact that the face on the stick can go away now, it’s no longer necessary, you get to be you.

Every Great Idea Started as a Crazy Idea


I’ve got a crazy idea for you. I hope you have crazy ideas. Seriously, every great idea start as a crazy idea. Without crazy ideas, you have no chance of having really great profoundly transformational ideas, and so it’s important to take out your ideas and get them out there in the world. Marriott, when they have their idea about ironing boards and irons and having them in the room, that was heresy and crazy because people had waited hours for that and now every hotel room has it. One person, one crazy idea transformed an industry. What’s your crazy idea?