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Bring Your First Day of Work Passion



Remember your first day of work? Your shoes were shined. Your shirt was pressed, and you had told your Mom that you were going to set the world on fire. And then, about two weeks later, you discovered you worked with a bunch of dweebs. People who weren’t committed. People who weren’t competent. People who gossiped and whined and complained and suddenly you lowered your sights.

And then, 20, 30 years went by, and you kind of missed your chance to really have an extraordinary career. Well, what if, instead, you brought that “first day of work” passion to work every day? You see, no matter where you work, you’re going to work with people who are imperfect, and flawed, and have challenges, but you could be the person that changes them. If you set the intention to be that person, and make an impact every day by making requests with kindness in your heart, you can create that workplace you want to be in.

So, every day bring your “first day of work” passion to the office, and your last day will be as good, if not a whole lot better, than your first day.

How to Help Your Customer



Your job exists because there are customers of your organization. Your job is to be consumed with interest in how to help those customers. You see, you don’t have a transaction job, you have a transformational job. Your job is to see them in the possibility of something great and to be thinking about, how do you make their roles so much better. You see, if you’re truly just getting by and doing the basic things in your job and doing what’s necessary, as prescribed in your job, you’re going to have an okay job.

But if you really get about making an impact, man, you’re going to have a great job, a great career, and you’re going to go home every day going, my world rocks! And it’s because you decided to make a difference in the world. If you’re not happy with your life right now, you’re probably not being of enough service to enough people. Happiness comes when we impact. What impact do you choose to make, and how will you be consumed with helping the people around you?

Be Love on Wheels


Are you the kind of person that lights up a room when you walk in? Or, are you the kind of person that sucks the energy out of the room? I had a client years ago that was voted the best business in the state, and the owner of that company taught me something really brilliant. She said, “when we interview people, as soon as that candidate walks out, we ask everyone, ‘Did that person give you energy or take away energy?’” Huh. That made an impression on my brain, and I have never forgotten that. You see, at every moment, we’re either breathing life into life or were sucking it out. We are never neutral.

Now, it’s a decision, and in every moment we know how to suck the energy out of a room, but we make a decision to light up a room. Are you the kind of person that makes everybody happy because you exist there? Are you the kind of person that moves things ahead because you exist? Are you the kind of person who sees the world in a positive way? Be love on wheels. Light up the room when you walk into it and keep the room lit.

Renegotiate Before You Miss a Deadline




If you know that you’re going to miss a deadline, when would be a good time to talk to someone about that who is impacted by it? That’s right—long BEFORE the deadline.

In fact, maybe you can renegotiate that deadline well in advance. Because if you surprise someone, that’s a problem! I used to have a boss who said to me one time, “Roxanne, tell me the good news, tell me the bad news. Just don’t ever surprise me.” I think that’s how each of us wants to be in life. We don’t want to be surprised.

So, if you know you can’t hit a deadline, renegotiate it in advance. If you know you can’t hit an outcome, renegotiate or go get some help in advance. But don’t surprise someone by just pretending it’s not happening or hoping they don’t notice. You keep your integrity because you renegotiate in advance if something is truly renegotiable. And if it’s not? Get the coaching you need to make sure you hit the commitment, or get the help you need to make sure that your team is not let down.

Be the person that your dog thinks you are. Live your commitments.

Don’t Nod Unless You Mean it




The workplace is filled with people who nod and pretend like they’re going to do something, who don’t really mean it. Don’t nod if you don’t mean it!

If someone asks you to do something, be COMMITTED to that. And if you don’t commit, please don’t nod. Because when you have that passive aggressive behavior, people stop trusting you and start to label you as someone who’s passive aggressive.

So, if you disagreed with something, renegotiate at the moment that the request is made with an alternative idea and suggest another way of doing it and see which is better. But once a commitment is made, then a commitment is made!

If you disagree, you must speak up! Because otherwise, the assumption is: You gave your word. And now there’s just one game to play: Live your word.