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Living to Your Potential


Goethe said it best. “Everyone holds is fortune in his own hands, like a cultor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity with all others: We are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.”

What are you doing with the gifts you’ve been given? Are you truly maximizing your potential? Are you seeing the world as a world of possibilities or have a few setback created a mental attitude of resignation? The greatest achievements come from a sort of intelligence not taught in schools—it is a power that represents the pinnacle of human potential. It is often revealed when a deadline looms as it focuses us and we produce a quality of work that shocks us. But often, we return to our distracted selves afterward. This sensation of mastery where we have great command of ourselves is something that can be replicated over and over again, with focus. But it takes awareness and discipline to keep ourselves in a state of mastery. What disciplines can you commit to today to bring that highest level of potential with you on a daily basis? When would NOW be a good time to start that discipline?

Value Learning Over Money


After graduating at the age of 21 from a university in Zurich in 1900, the Albert Einstein found his job prospects to be meager. He graduated toward the bottom of the class. He as happy that he now would have time to investigate certain physics problems that had haunted him. He had the chance to take a job with his father as an engineer. He was also offered a job in the Swiss Patent office in Bern for low pay with long hours. It was everything he wanted because it gave him the chance to analyze patents which would allow him to sharpen his reasoning powers. In 1905 he published his first theory of relativity.

Take every chance you get to develop your learning and your reasoning skills. It is through out development that we invest in potential. Never miss a chance to pick up a book, take a course, or learn a new skill. And while you’re at it, make sure you understand as much as you can about your company, your products. Find ways to make it better.

Most people wait for someone to give them an “opportunity” to learn—instead, seize the opportunity by finding every possible way to learn to create mastery.

Avoid Artificial Harmony



Are you truly authentic? No, seriously? Do you say what is on your mind in a way that advances the situation? Most people either don’t speak up—or when they do, it’s as if a bomb went off because the anger that has built because of their inept skills at authentic communication caused them to be so angry that it destroyed the relationship.

The “good human” hat requires to deal with conflict before the sun goes down. We’ve all heard of the spouse who goes along for years with something that she feels is intolerable but doesn’t say a word until she files for divorce. Or the employee who is unhappy about something but never makes any requests of her teammates and then one day turns in her letter of resignation—just like he did the at the last job, and the one before that, and the one before that.

The reality is that we all should live by the sun down rule—if something doesn’t settle right with you, make a request of someone before sundown. Notice I didn’t say “complain.” I said, make a request. With that radical candid request comes the need to be no accusatory and to realize that you are at cause for the problem as well. It also requires the ability and willingness to truly listen to the other person’s candid authentic opinions as well. There are always two sides of the story and the danger of people in the workplace who don’t deal with conflict before sundown in productive ways is that they breed a culture of inauthenticity. So, go ask for what you want with a commitment to hear the other side of the story and work toward a resolve.

Crazy Busy



Ask almost anyone today how they are doing and you will often hear the chant “crazy busy.” It’s as if it is a badge of honor. In reality, crazy is just crazy and busy is just busy. Together, it simply shows the person is out of control and not effective in mastering the few most important things.

In reality, many people take pride in being busy. But you never hear a highly successful person say they are busy—and certainly not crazy busy. Instead, they tell you what they are up to or what they are committed to.

In fact, when you proclaim to the world that you are out of control with the words, “crazy busy,” you are pushing away your chance to be successful and truly achieve.

Busy is a four-letter word. Focus your energies on the few things that matter and master how to do those things faster with fewer and better than ever!

Work is Love Made Visible



Kahill Gibran said it best—work is love made visible. I’ve contemplated for many years what he meant by that. I suspect he meant that nobody what you work, if you bring your heart and soul to it and you do it with excellence, you will enjoy your work. If instead, you complain and choose misery, there is no way out.

By stepping up to add great value every day, the world responds back and rewards you with satisfaction for a job well done and the ripple effect impact of your work on the world. If we approach work from a heart space instead of just a “doing” approach, the doing gets far more enjoyable.