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The Sundown Rule

Does anybody ever tick you off? Ha ha, I didn’t think so. Well, it’s happened to me. Sometimes people can get under my skin, and maybe it’s happened to you as well. However, here’s what I know for sure. If I don’t deal with that before sundown, I know that throughout the evening I will make it into a bigger thing than it actually is.

In fact, I will catastrophize it to the point that I can make that person bad and wrong. When in fact, they’re not bad or wrong, they just did something that somehow impacted me—maybe they didn’t even know they did it, or maybe they couldn’t do something differently. But here’s what happens—as the sun goes down, resentment goes up.

When resentment goes up, our ability to sanely address it goes down. So, I believe in the sundown rule. Every day, before you go home, make sure you’ve cleaned up anything with anyone where you’ve gone sideways with them. It’s your responsibility, not theirs.

If you’re feeling out of sorts with someone and in some way like they weren’t respecting you or they didn’t do something the way they should have, simply communicate this without blame. Ask them for what you need. Tell them that when they did that, the result was this and ask for something different. Ask for a commitment to that.

It’s a clean way to make a request and it allows you to build rapport, keep the relationship clean, and be a leader in making sure that you have a great culture everywhere around you.

Character Is Revealed During Challenging Times

Character is revealed during challenging times.  So, what does your character look like right now—because these are challenging times.  For instance, are you the kind of person who is exploring to find what’s necessary right now and stepping ahead to make sure that your executive team has great visibility on the status of every project, on the status of every customer, on the status of every prospect that is in line to become one of your customers?  If not, that’s a sign of not having the character to anticipate what is necessary and important at a time like this and having that available.  Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers, and the world has a perfect accounting system. This is the time for you to be thinking about how to give more value than you ever have before.  How do you give at least 30% minimum more productivity, as a result of the work that you create than what you’ve ever created before by sharpening your saw, getting more brilliant in what you do, bringing more character to what you do, and having the strength to make sure that you’re adding massive value right now.  Listen, your teammates’ salaries and their bonuses depend on you figuring it out and adding more value.  Be that person of character, who absolutely is the one that everyone points to as the one who helped us emerge stronger from what we’re going through.

The Secret to Great Customer Experience

What if you could see every customer as a way to uniquely express service by raising the bar from the last customer that you impacted? Hmm, that’d be interesting, wouldn’t it?

Instead of just having the same level of customer service, challenge yourself to outdo yourself. You “plus one” it—you see another opportunity. You think and you look in their eyes and you say: “How can I make this person’s life so much better?” It’s one of the best ways to love your job.

Creatively expressing yourself and getting better in a way that impacts other human beings—what could be more fun? The next customer you see, open your eyes up wide and look for opportunities to take it to the next level.

How to Adapt and Increase Your Impact When the World is Upside Down

This is a time of opportunity for you to show what you’re capable of doing. Listen, no one ever outperforms their expectations of themselves. They will tell you the story of why they can’t get something done when in reality, we’re all capable of so much more. We just didn’t know we had it in us. So how do you have that breakthrough performance for yourself so that you have a career opportunity as a result of these challenging times? By setting the bar really high and going for it. So if you had been creating a certain amount of results with five inputs, maybe tomorrow you need to bring 50 inputs to make that happen.

If you were someone who had some abilities that you did not have in the past, go figure out the abilities. Now is the time for massive action in the right direction, to make sure customers are feeling the love, future customers are seeing that you’re creating opportunities because you can hear them and listen and you care, and you’re showing more care than anybody else does. And lastly, this is a time for you to take care of yourself in a way you’ve never taken care of yourself before. Give yourself the self-love and self-care during difficult times, but also make sure that you get massively about making a difference in the world. That’s why we’re here on planet Earth anyway.

Escape Overwhelm: Focus on Completions

One of the best ways to create more success is to celebrate successes: those of your team and your own successes as well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those crazy people who, when I’m working on something, I use a list to make sure I’m getting the things done that need to happen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Sometimes, I step in and I do something extra that wasn’t on the list. In that case, I make a little box and I check it off.

Sounds crazy, I know. But when I talk about it with other people, they all say they do the same thing! Why do we do that? Because the brain needs to have the chemical “hit”  of completion. It creates confidence to get more data points of success

Whenever someone is in “overwhelm,” what they’re really telling you is: “I am not completing.”

When you have completions, that’s when you get energy! So, celebrate your completions! And, make sure that the completions you’re working toward are the ones that most matter.

The more you celebrate, the faster you get to your completions and the more successful you feel. Change your brain waves forever, build some new neural pathways in your brain, and decide to celebrate every success.