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Are You Your Worst Critic?


Are you your worst critic? Why I know that one. I think we all are. But, the thing about that is even though you’re criticizing yourself, it’s also important to make sure you’re celebrating your breakthroughs, as small as they may be. They’ve actually proven that if you spend 15 minutes at the end of every day and you acknowledge all the breakthroughs you’ve had for the day and the successes you have for the day, that by taking that 15 minutes that you can wildly increase your productivity for the next day and beyond, because there’s a brain chemistry thing that basically says what we pay attention to grows.

We are changing the structure of our brain to focus in on what’s working. We’re built to find all the things that aren’t working, yes? Okay, you know how that works, and so, try on the habit of celebrating yourself with all the successes you have. If it’s as small as making the list of the things to do, then checking off everyone, ’cause that feels good, or to at the end of the day, acknowledge yourself for all the great things you’ve learned and all the great conversations you’ve had and all the great outcomes.

Whatever you do, create a habitual process that allows for you to keep celebrating your small successes, because by doing that you will create much larger successes.

How to Better Your Best


How can you better your best? Okay, so there are certain things that you’re just a master of, and you’re really good. But the problem with really good is it gets in the way of really great. It becomes the ceiling that keeps us from being able to see a possibility beyond that, unless you come from a place of deciding every day to better your best.

How do you be in competition with yourself? How do you set higher goals? How can you shave even more time off of that project? How can you have even more quality in that project? How do you take that number and move it even beyond that? You see, when you see what’s possible within you, you find out a lot about you and about what’s possible when you set the intention of being unstoppable to go create whatever mastery looks like for you.

Come from a Place of Giving



Do you wake up on Monday and say, “Thank God it’s Monday?” I hope so. And if you haven’t been, I think I have the magic formula to turn that around.

No, it doesn’t mean looking for a different job. It means making this job rock. And the way to do that is to come from a generous spirit. To ask yourself, how can I add more value today? How can I make a bigger impact? How can I delight people in such a way that their world is so much better?

You see, when we come from a generous spirit, and we come from that place of “How can I be of great service?” we start to love our job.

I hope that you get to say Thank God it’s Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and you know what, you can even say Thank God it’s Friday because there’s only three days left until Monday. Because when you’re of contribution, you can’t wait to get going.

Customer Focus



As organizations grow, one of the things that’s rather a predictable pattern is that focus on the customer dwindles. Now, here’s the problem: the company is about the customer. It’s always about the customer. Where does revenue come from? The customer.

Be leery of all the temptations to have meetings about meetings, and have projects that lose customer focus, and conversations that aren’t about the customer. The fastest way to really create an organization that, not only is rocking the numbers but also rocking the feeling of purpose, is to get back about how do we delight customers every single day. And just wait to see how you feel as a result of that input.

Learn Your Boss’ Job



Your boss has a tough job, as do you. And, your job is not only doing your job, but to learn your boss’ job. Now, why is this? Well, for one thing, the more you can take off the shoulders of the person you report to, the more they can take the job of the person that they report to, and you can see how this continues to work. But here’s also the good reason for you as an individual.

Once you know how to do everything that your supervisor knows how to do, that makes you infinitely promotable. And, as soon as you’re in that job, guess what? You’ll learn the job of the person that you report to. And, you can see where this goes, yes?

Be a person of great generosity. And, as opposed to complaining about more things to do, look for more things to do and more value to add. And, I promise you, life gives to the givers and it’s a hoot.

If you do your boss’ job, and then after you get that job, you do that boss’ job, you can see where this is going. Here’s the thing, life gives to the givers. The more you give, the more you receive. So…be of generous spirit.