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Re-invent Yourself



What if next quarter, you are 20 percent more effective than you are this quarter? And the quarter after that? 20 percent again. And the quarter after THAT? 20 percent again!

It’s possible! People do it every day! Not many people—but if some people can do it, YOU can do it!

You see, the reality is, everyone at the end of the year says, “Hey boss, I’d love a raise!” But the reality is, unless you’ve created better performance, there’s really no extra money created from what you’re doing for that to happen.

But you can create anything! You can create an opportunity to be in a different department, to move up within the organization, to learn new skill sets, and to master the skill sets that you have. All of that is a re-creation.

There’s only one person who really gets to decide who you’re going to create from YOUR world, and that’s you.

So, re-create yourself in the best possible way, and see what’s possible for you.

What’s Your Filter



Every person has a filter. The filter through which we take information in. It’s how we hear different things.

So, for instance, if a college professor gives back three papers and writes “interesting” on the top of those three papers, one student receives the paper and says, “Wow! He must love my paper!” Somebody else goes, “Interesting. What does that mean? I better explore that.” And someone else says, “Oh my gosh! I’m going to flunk! I knew he hated me!”

They received the same feedback, but there are three different interpretations.

What is your listening filter?

You see, if you have a healthy filter that says, “The world is supportive of me, and I’m going to inquire more when I don’t understand,” that’s a healthy filter.

If you have a worldview and a filter that basically thinks that the world is against you, nobody trusts you, nobody believes in you, nobody appreciates you, you will hear everything in that way! Wherever you go! At work, and at home.

So, be very conscious of your filter because your filter is basically how you take in information and if you have a filter that is not serving you well, you’re not going to be happy in any of your circumstances, and you won’t be successful in those circumstances.

So, clean your filter, and find new, productive ways to listen—assuming the best in others!

Venting is Gossip



What if someone said something bad about you to someone else, and they said: “Oh, it’s not gossip, I’m just venting”?

Well, see, here’s the problem: Venting is gossip. Just by saying something negative about somebody else to ANYBODY else, that’s gossip by definition!

If you have a problem with somebody, there’s only one person to talk to: THAT person. Directly. And form a request! And if they’re not responding to the request, then perhaps you go to the person that they report to, and make sure that they get some coaching from that person.

But venting is gossip. So, keep your heart and soul clean by making sure that you never participate in gossip.

Create Your Best Day Ever



Isn’t it interesting that we accept the normalized statement, “Have a great day.” We don’t “have” great days without being at cause. We CREATE great days.

We create great days by focusing on what matters. By seeing things as perfect as they are.

Perhaps in your one on one, you received some coaching that something that you do isn’t optimal. If you are living by the “have a great day” philosophy, now you’re bummed. How can you have a great day—you’ve just been told you aren’t doing your work perfectly.

Here’s a news flash—you’ll never do your job perfectly. Your leader is simply showing you a way to do the job better because they care about your progress.

If instead you receive the feedback and think, “This is awesome—I now know how to do my job better. I’m going to use that feedback right away today,” then you’re creating a great day, aren’t you?

If your world view is that the world is filled with bad things an bad people, you will likely not have many great days. If you see the world as a positive place filled with opportunities to better it, you will have great days.

Tighten Your Disciplines



The late Jim Rohn was famous for saying, “In life, there are two pains—the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. The good news is we get to choose.”

If you observe successful people, you will see they are very disciplined. From what they eat, to how and when they exercise to how to plan their work and work their plans, there are systems they have set up to protect themselves from their own attraction to distraction.

What are you disciplines for learning? For improving? For developing sales? For taking care of yourself?

It’s easy for people to make new year’s revolutions and accept that because everybody else seems to not make it past January, you’re just a typical person.

Forget new year’s resolutions. Instead, make commitments to yourself about the few things that matter and then build systems of accountability with your teammates, your significant other, and even our technology to hold yourself accountable.