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How to create healthy distance in your workplace


Do you have healthy distance in the workplace? What is healthy distance?

It means that you get to disagree in a productive way. Some of the best organizations I’ve always worked with, the executives will always say to me — “It’s almost like a bloodbath when we come in and we discuss an idea; but when we walk out, we are holding hands and singing kumbaya. We make it safe to disagree, and nobody does the pouting or complaining or your are not listening to me or play any of the mind games”.

Instead, they stay in the game and attack problems and never people, and no one gets to play the victim.

Are you someone who is bringing healthy dissidence to the game? Both in challenging ideas, not people and allowing yourself to be challenged in a way that you are productively making it safe for that to happen. By doing that, you will create much better ideas, and much better results.

Enjoy the path to healthy distance.

Are you breathing life into life?


In life, I find people are either breathing life into life or they’re sucking it out, and at every moment of every day, you’re that person. You’re never creating a neutral experience. So when you’re given the chance to deal with something, realize that no matter how bad it is, you could be approaching it in a way where you’re breathing life into life, and saying, “Okay, that happened. Not so good. We’ve got to recover on this one. What are we going to do?”

Notice how different that is compared to, “Oh, my gosh. Nobody told me this. This is never going to work. Nobody ever cares about me.” Hear the difference? Be the person who has a spirit that conquers all and is bringing positive energy to the team as being the person they can count on to always bring a good and happy, unconquerable attitude to work every day.

Do you always hit your outcomes and deadlines?


Do you always hit your outcomes and deadlines? It’s hard to do, but the reality is, people judge your trustworthiness based upon the fact that they’re counting on you to do all of your job, on time, with the right result. Sometimes, life puts a barrier in the way, but it cannot happen too often. But those few times when it does, where you know of no possible way to overcome the situation, you need to renegotiate before you miss the outcome. That’s right, because if you talk about it afterwards and say, “Hey, we didn’t get this result,” now you’ve really disappointed some people and created a mess. And your integrity is viewed differently.

Alternatively, when you know you’re in trouble, speak up fast and early. Say, “Hey, guys. I promised to do this. This came up. I’m not an excuse person. I’m not going to give you excuses, but I need to go get this result. I’m letting you know that I might be missing this mark and I’m going to be a puppy dog with a sock in my mouth to go get that result, but I want you to be aware that I may need to renegotiate the time, because I don’t want to surprise you.”
Make sure that you’re letting people know that a situation is potentially at risk. The worst thing you want to do is surprise people by not hitting a deadline. Don’t be that guy. Be the person who alternatively is the human that can be counted on and, if you have a roadblock that’s insurmountable, that you’ve negotiated in advance, to keep your integrity.

Why some people run twice as fast as others


Why is it that some people can run twice as fast as another person? You know, there’s a couple things there. It’s a mindset issue and it’s a skill set issue. You see, fast runners weren’t born knowing how to run fast. They figured it out. They practiced. They studied. They learned, but they also had an impenetrable mindset that said, “I’m going to learn how to do that better.” What if you brought that mentality to your job and you asked yourself, “How can I run twice as fast? How can I get twice the performance? How can I hit my deadlines in half of the time? How can I be the kind of person that creates results where I say, ‘Wow’,” because it’s nice to hear your teammates and your supervisors say, “Wow,” but the ultimate wow is the one you give yourself.

You’re the one that you want to please. When you walk out that door at night, make sure that as you walk out, you’re saying, “Wow. I kicked butt and took some names today and it was fun.” Create massive results. There’s nothing more fun than creating and being the kind of person that you are when you live with power.

Do you ever give an excuse?


Do you ever give an excuse? I hope not, but I think we all do occasionally. But you can never have results and excuses at the same time. You see, you either have one or the other. Here’s the thing, our life is about results. That’s the whole thing. And no one wants to hear your excuses because they keep you limited.

When you fulfill on your promises and you hit your deadlines and your outcomes, people see you as a person of great character. Now you’re going to hit some obstacles, so don’t give an excuse prior to. Instead, ask questions to make sure that you know exactly how to go get your results and be a puppy dog with a sock in your mouth to go after making sure that you get those results every time.

But above all else, no excuses. Commitment for the week? No excuses this week. Try it on. Experiment. See what happens in your life. It’s going to be fun because I promise you, results will come at you so fast and it’ll be fun. Enjoy this week.