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Be The Miracle


Wouldn’t it be nice of somebody dealt with those people who aren’t doing their job to the standards of the organization. And wouldn’t it be nice of somebody dealt with that person who speaks negatively about others—a gossip of sorts who makes it unsafe for anyone to turn their back on that person.

And wouldn’t it be nice if somebody made the office look nicer, picked up the messes, fixed the copier and decorated for the holidays.

Well, look around. There is nobody with a name take that says “somebody.” That means…you’re it!

So how about you being at cause—being the source of solutions. What if you chose to “be the miracle?



Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich sys that “Old Man Procrastination stands within the shadow of every human being, waiting his opportunity to spoil one’s chances for success. Most of us go through life as failures because we are waiting for the “time to be right” to start doing something worthwhile. Do not wait. The time will never be “just right.”

Napoleon was on to something. It’s about taking action every day toward our desired outcomes. Instead of waiting for the time to be right, take action now.

How to Recover from a Big Setback


Want to know what successful and wealthy people know? They know that cultivating a habit of persistence is the insurance against failure.”

Every failure brings with it the see of an equivalent advantage—a learning that is transformative if applied.

My dear friend Ron says it best—“If you are in business, you have problems. Business IS solving problems. So, such it up better cup. Next time you have a set back, welcome it as a teachable moment and persistently pursue in the direction of your desired outcome instead of using your setback as an excuse on why it can not be done.”

How to Snap Out of Mental Inertia


They say that more than 90 percent of our thoughts each day are basically a regurgitation of the thoughts from the day before. That’s unfortunate, isn’t it?


What if you thought better thoughts? Clearer thoughts? Thoughts of bigger possibilities? Thoughts that weren’t defeating yourself esteem or judgmental of you not being enough. What if instead you thought about making a bigger impact? Or being able to overcome circumstances instead of thinking thoughts of “why you can’t?”


Your thoughts create your behaviors and your behaviors create your activities and your activities create your results. If you want better results, you need better thoughts. Force yourself to be attentive to the quality of your thinking and watch how easily your results shift for the better.

Warning. You had better be prepared for success…

Find the Best Way



A renowned sales executive in the 1900s said something that nobody has said better since. He said that the secret to sales success is to find the one best way to sell and never deviate from it.

Brilliant, isn’t it? Success leaves clues. In every job, there is a “one best way” and then there are the other attempts that can’t compete in terms of performance.

Know that for every job, every project, and every system—there is a “one best way”—seek it with all your heart and when you find it, repeat it systematically and with rigor to the attention to detail to make sure that you keep replicating phenomenal results.