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Roxanne Emmerich®, CSP, CMC, CPAE

Roxanne Emmerich<sup>®</sup>Recognized by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the 12 most requested speakers in the nation for her ability to transform performance and create a “bring-it-on” culture in a single visit.

New York Times best selling author Roxanne Emmerich® is Founder and CEO of The Emmerich Group®, the leading business transformation firm that helps companies get results beyond what they even dreamed possible.

Based on Roxanne's experience as three-time Entrepreneur of the Year recipient, her firm helps companies solve these three problems:

  • Increase the speed to the stated profit and growth goals by 50%.
  • Bring the one out of three dollars currently lost due to employee
    disengagement (average according to Gallup) back to the bottom line within three months.
  • Double service scores within 60 days and high-profit accounts within one year.

She has spoken to and consulted with the leadership of many of the largest and most respected companies in the world, including Verizon, Merck, and Lockheed, but is best known in banking, having worked with half of the top 1 percent performers.

She is the author of Thank God It's Monday!®: How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love, Profit-Growth Banking, commonly referred to as the bible of high-performance banking, and Profit-Rich Sales. She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Extraordinary Banker® magazine.

Successful Meetings magazine listed Roxanne as one of the top 12 most in-demand speakers in the country. She has been featured in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Woman’s Day magazine and is frequently interviewed on CNN, FOX, CBS, and radio and TV stations throughout the country.

Additionally, she is the founder of the Extraordinary Bank Award and recipient of the "NSA 2010 Philanthropist of the Year" Award. She is also the founder of Permission to Be Extraordinary® Summit™, an unprecedented and exclusive CEO executive breakthrough program referred to as a "miracle transformation" that helps leaders eliminate the head trash that keeps them from their next level of performance.

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