The World is Yours—If You INSIST on Success

Credit:  © Manfredinim |

Credit: © Manfredinim |

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Most people think that’s the motto of the U.S. Postal Service. I always thought so myself, but it’s not. The Greek historian Herodotus said it 2500 years ago, when Greece was at war with Persia. He said it in admiration of the enemy’s mounted messengers, who wouldn’t let nothin’ or nobody keep them from getting the job done.

Anybody can get strokes from their own team. But you KNOW you’ve got it going on when even the competition is drooling over your results.

It’s all about being unstoppable—about insisting on success, no matter how deep the snow or how hard the rain. Laugh at obstacles, refuse to compromise your goals, and you can watch the world land gently in the palm of your hand.Let me tell you about Pat, a sales representative for a medium-sized company. Pat made a commitment to bring in 20 new customers by the end of the month.

Now in order for Pat to do this, several things had to go right, including things that were not in his direct control. Marketing had to get the mailings out to the targeted new customers. The people answering the phones had to welcome the customers with such enthusiasm that they wanted their call transferred to the sales department!

Then the problems happened. Marketing didn’t get the information out. Oh, they had a good excuse, of course—busy month, maybe, or someone didn’t order the right supplies.

And then Jessica, the receptionist who always knew how to get an interested prospect back to the sales department, left the company. She was replaced by Jim—a nice guy and fairly competent, but with no clue that the point of answering the phone was to create relationships with people and enrolling their hearts in the relationship so they recognize the need to talk to sales immediately to become a new customer.

Jessica did that every day. Jim—eh, not so much.

Between both of the breakdowns, Pat had only three leads converted by the 25th of the month. It was inconceivable that he’d pick up 17 more accounts before the end of the month.

So game over, right? Nobody would blame him. He had Grade A excuses to fall back on. Others had let him down. It wasn’t his fault.

But Pat knew there were ALWAYS reasons to fail. I’m sure the Persian messengers knew that too, as the spears and swords flashed around them and the rain lashed their faces. Obstacles are a given. Success is not—unless you simply insist on it.

Pat picked up the phone 250 times a day for the next four days. He called every client and asked who they would recommend as a good fit for what his company did. Clients gave him over 75 referrals that they were willing to call and make introductions. Pat made the additional calls to those referrals.

When the dust cleared on the 30th of the month, Pat hadn’t opened 20 new accounts after all. He had opened 37. By refusing to set his sights lower, he nearly doubled his goal.

The world was his—all because he simply insisted on succeeding.

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