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Thank God it’s Monday!™ You can tell a person’s thinking pattern by listening to how they talk. People who use excess words are also slow to get results because their brain takes a very long trip to get from A to B and their body follows their brain.

If you recognize that focus is a challenge for you, change your language and you’ll change your brain chemistry. Listen to and observe your every word and scrutinize it for clarity.

If you typically say something like, “I am going to try to explore how to get my time management
under control so I can get more done and have more free time with my family and friends and have less chaos and have less last minute projects in my life.”

You could get laser and say, “I’m committed to getting more results in less time.” Whew. Doesn’t that feel better? The more focus you have in your language, the more focused your results will be.

Get laser!

Have a great Monday!


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    Your blog is awesome, more than anything else I love looking at your pictures and how you present your stuffs. Th3e#&er9;s an artistic touch to it. Love it!

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