What did YOU do on “Thank God it’s Monday” Day?

What did you do last Monday—the very first Monday of 2011? If you were like a gazillion other people around the world, you headed back to work with bloodshot eyes, six extra pounds under the belt, and pure eggnog in your veins.

TGIM DayIt isn’t the easiest transition of the year, is it? But several years back, some bright person officially declared the toughest Monday of the year “Thank God It’s Monday” Day!

Okay fine, I don’t actually think Congress has given it the thumbs-up yet, but they should. It actually makes good sense. The first Monday of the year is a perfect time to take the bull by the horns and set the right tone for the year. Get started on those resolutions, including the one about adopting a positive attitude toward your job and colleagues. Start the year with an attitude of gratitude, and watch it come back to you a hundredfold!

I’m not saying this comes easy. Most of us at some point in our lives have hated the Monday morning alarm clock like a weekly colonoscopy, grumbling “Oh crap it’s Monday” when it goes off. We had lived for the weekend, and now it was gone. Five more days would have to drag by in THAT place before we’d enjoy life again.

We’ve all been there, am I right?

But I’m here to tell you that more people have pulled themselves out of that self-perpetuating slump than you think—people who spring out of bed on Monday morning, not because they are gluttons for punishment, but because work doesn’t FEEL like punishment to them.

They are people who work in kick-butt, “Thank God It’s Monday” workplaces, from the first Monday of the year to the last.

So what’s the difference between the OCIM workplace and the TGIM workplace? It all boils down to seven habits that can change everything about the culture of your workplace (not to mention the first words of your week):

  1. Show up fully and commit with all your heart
  2. Communicate clearly
  3. Go beyond the job description
  4. Don’t tolerate dysfunctional behaviors
  5. Clean up your messes
  6. Live a life of profound service
  7. Celebrate

So what did YOU do last Monday? How did you approach that transition back to work? Whether you knew it was TGIM Day or not, whether you met the day with a smile or not, drop me a note at www.facebook.com/TGIMfans to tell me allllll about it.

It’s never too late to declare any Monday TGIM Day. Heck, why not make EVERY day TGIM Day! Try it for a month and see how it goes.

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  2. Mark says:

    Enjoyed article. Good instruction for everyday and not just 1/4/2016.

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