Act As If

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Thank God it’s Monday!™ Tom Watson, the founder of IBM, broke down the phenomenal success of his company. First, Tom had a clear picture of what the company would look like upon completion. Then, Tom created a clear picture of how the company would act upon reaching this level of success. So from the get-go, he decided to look and act that way. Quite fittingly he states, “We didn’t ‘do’ business at IBM, we built one.”

So whether it’s your business, your relationships, or whatever it may be, find your vision—find a clear and detailed vision.

How will you act once you get there?

Implement Watson’s strategy, and begin acting that way today.

Have a great Monday!


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  1. Shiver me timbers, them’s some great information.

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    , "GO!" We had to formulate our own stories, so our show was very true to the business of real estate.Oh, and way-to-go, Meredith! I'm happy to see there are other real estate agents out there that listen to their clients 🙂

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