Who Are You When Nobody is Looking?

* Transcription

Thank God it’s Monday!™ Who are you when no one else is looking? Imagine that your boss steps out for the week and your manager’s away for a few days. You’ve been working soooo hard, and now, finally, you’re free from the pressure of your employers.

You still come into work. You still sit at the same desk. You still drink the same coffee and eat at the same time. But how have you changed?

Do you continually muster the same energy, seize the same opportunities, work just as diligently? Or are you finding ways to mess around—I mean really, who’s looking?

Only you can truthfully answer these questions.

At day’s end, you can spin what you’ve accomplished however you’d like—you can convince yourself that you worked soooo hard. You can convince others that you’ve contributed soooo much. And maybe you have.

Only you know.

Who you are when no one else is looking is a great indicator of who you are for real. Your integrity is made visible.

Have a great Monday!


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