Stay Focused on the Right Things

Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of giving the excuse, “I’m WAY too busy,” or “I don’t have time for one more thing.”

Often, if you really thought about it, you’d realize that it’s not that you have too much to do, it’s that you’re spending too much time on the things that don’t matter. You may be “focused” on too much—another way of saying you’re not focused at all.

The people who complain the most that they have too much to do are always the ones best at manufacturing work where none exists as an excuse to not do the most critical things. Like making time to sort the paper clips…

Instead, be in the highest and best use of your time constantly. Start today by doing this:

  • Make a list of everything you plan on doing today.
  • Next, go through the list and cross off anything that’s not critical. Things that don’t generate revenue, directly or indirectly, are almost certainly not critical.
  • Block times for those “big rocks”—projects that need extreme focus, and let the “sand” fill in the rest of your day.
  • Then, stick to the list!

Each of those steps is crucial. Some people make a list and think they’re done. But every day, without exception, you need to REDUCE that list as a next step. Not everything that pops into your head automatically earns a precious block of time today. Move something to tomorrow, or delegate it, or cross it off completely. Then do it again and again, making each task earn its spot, until suddenly your list is reasonable for a single day’s work.

The last step is too often forgotten. Once you make the list and refine it, stick to it! Don’t start improvising around it or allowing yourself to be distracted by shiny objects. Treat it like your one-day strategic plan.

You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish—so get focused NOW!

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