Plus One Everything

We used to have an intern in our office who thought of this principle—“Plus one” everything.

What this means is that—beyond doing what is asked of you, and doing it on time—you do something else, above and beyond. Every time.

For example, maybe you wrote a report and you got it in on time. To “plus one” this, you ALSO took the liberty of doing a quick analysis of the report, finding redundancies, and making a recommendation to your boss about how to make the process more efficient.

So why go to the trouble? If I’m assigned X, isn’t X good enough? Of course it is. And if you want your tombstone to read, “She was good enough,” stick to the minimum.

If on the other hand you want to be noticed, if you want to stand out from the crowd as exceptional, if you want to be the very first name that pops into executive heads when a higher position opens up—then X plus one is the approach to take.

In everything you do, find not just the time to give a little extra, but also the heart. It IS a matter of heart, you know. Once you’ve truly thrown your heart over the bar, “plus one” will happen naturally in everything you do.

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