How to Maintain Focus During the Summer

The sun is shining and it’s a perfect 75 degrees outside with no clouds in sight. It’s one of those beautiful summer days.

Only you get to experience this day through your office window…

And I know exactly how you feel, especially when the summers here in Minnesota are even more coveted because of the long winters.

You could choose to let this bring you down…not working efficiently, because deep down you really want to be somewhere else…like at the cabin or the beach. But imagine that you learn to take this tantalizing day and use it in your favor?

Chances are you have a ton of stuff that you have got to get done. So why not use this beautiful day as true motivation to being efficient! With everything complete at work, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer without worry. Then, as soon as you leave the office, it’s pure relaxation time!

Learn to commit yourself to the moment you are in. If you’re with the family, be with the family. If you’re at the office, be at the office.

Learn to give your whole self to wherever you are.

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  1. Eric says:

    Another pearl of wisdom — thanks! I so love getting your emails each week. Thanks again for your commitment to helping all of us. You are impacting lives! Eric

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