Change Your Language

Days are chaotic. You have to drop the kids off at soccer practice. You have to pick up the groceries. You have to rush home and prepare dinner. You have to attend Julia’s piano recital. You have to prepare the presentation for the meeting tomorrow.

But why does it have to be a have to?

What if you were to tweak your language ever so slightly by saying you GET to do all of those things?

Think back to the time you didn’t have kids yet. Maybe you dreamed about the future when you would GET to drop them at soccer practice or hear them play the piano. Remember how difficult it was before you had a job that paid the bills and gave you a chance to use your skills. Or think about people who are out of work right now.

Suddenly you have the opportunity to spend time with your daughter and ask her about her day. Suddenly you appreciate the fact that you have food to purchase. Suddenly you prepare the best presentation you have ever prepared. Suddenly you calm the chaos.

Live each day consciously monitoring your language. It may seem strange at first. Chances are, you are not accustomed to looking at things positively. But soon it will become routine. It’s a life-altering routine and a whole new perspective

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