Make it a great day

For most of my life I’ve heard people tell me to, “Have a great day!” It always seemed like a nice enough thing to say—until the first time I heard someone change it just slightly.

It blew me out of the water.

It was years ago, I was picking something up from the pharmacy, and the girl handed me my receipt and said, “Thank you—make it a great day!”

Such a small change, but what a difference! “Have a great day” is a basically wish, a hope that your day will be great. But if you tell me to make it a great day, it underlines the fact that the greatness of my day is in my control.

It’s true! So much of our experience of life is determined by the way we react to things as they happen. Yes, the rain complicates your drive to work. It also brings life to every living thing. Focus on one and a rainy day is a drag. Focus on the other and it’s a miracle and a relief.

Once in a while my husband and I underline this in our own way. We wake up and say, “I wonder what super fantastic thing is going to happen to us today?”

However you do it, take control of the greatness of your day, and help others do the same!

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  1. Patti J. Magyar says:

    Our young adult’s middle school morning announcements always contained: “Make it a Great Day! The choice is yours.” That top 5% nationally ranked middle school, Mill Creek – Dexter, Michigan, has more than earned its ranking; it lives, breathes and exudes respect for young people, with the expectation that they begin making their own positive contributions in the world! We thoroughly enjoyed every age of our two thoughtful, creative, passionate, talented and productive young adults! And we still use the messaging: “Make it a great day!” ~ Patti

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