Do What Others Are Unwilling to Do

I have some friends, a married couple, who have worked out an agreement. He hates to talk on the phone. Every time their home phone rings, even if they’re in the middle of watching a movie, he looks up at her, and she answers it.

In exchange, he is in charge of all killing in the house – spiders, silverfish, mice, the works. Both of them probably grumble a bit when they do their assigned job, but in the end, each is grateful for the other’s willingness to take a hated task off their hands.

There’s a great message in this for anyone with aspirations to rise through the ranks in business. Every workplace and every industry includes some tasks that are less desirable than others. Everyone knows what they are, and when the boss asks for a volunteer to take one of these tasks on, you can practically see tumbleweeds blowing through the office.

Imagine how disheartening that is for the boss—and what a relief it is when you step forward to accept the job.

While most people spend their time procrastinating or complaining, winners take on the least desirable parts of their work without question or complaint. And in the process, they make decision makers grateful.

That’s a surefire way to climb the ladder to success.

3 Responses to “Do What Others Are Unwilling to Do”

  1. Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tricky at all!”

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  3. Joni says:

    This is hisuiroal, you cant be serious with what you actually posted are you? Drug problem? Mary Jane is legal in quite a few states bud and I seriously doubt these guys partake in smoking before games, I am sure its an extra curricular activity that helps them unwind, you should try it you sound really uptight!!! Wait, the paranoia would probably get the best of you!! LOL

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