Getting Yourself In The Right Seat

Good to Great author Jim Collins argues that the most successful companies put massive focus not just on bringing good people in, but on getting them all in the right positions. The most successful employees are those who seek and stay in positions that match their skills and interests.

This not only ensures that jobs are done well but that the people IN the jobs are happy and engaged in their work. Though constant growth and acquiring new skills are good things, Gallup research shows that people are most engaged when they apply the strengths they already have to the position they are in.

That’s where you come in. Are YOU currently in the right seat for your skills and your passion? Don’t wait for management to see a poor fit and fix it. No one is impacted more by your disengagement than you and your downwardly spirally career that comes with that attitude.

Then there’s the flipside. Sometimes employees who love what they do and where they are seek “the next thing” and end up being promoted into misery. If you’re climbing the ladder yourself, make sure you aren’t leaving the perfect seat on the bus to climb out a window! Understand your emotional intelligence scores and align your career to the work that best fits you.

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