Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

The key driver in your business is the boss.

Too many employees think of the boss as a problem—a nuisance looking over your shoulder, or a target for grumbling complaints. If that describes your workplace, it’s time to rethink that.

Think of your business like a website. Have you ever been on a site that’s gorgeous and flashy, but once you try to actually use it, everything is confusing and broken? That’s just what you have when your business fails to support the drivers that make the visible things actually happen.

Your boss needs your support. Of course he isn’t perfect. Of course he is overly demanding. Of course he can be downright annoying and change his mind and sometimes even be a bit under appreciative. He breathes! People aren’t perfect.

When you condemn your boss and complain about him to others, YOU are the problem. We’ve already established your boss breaths and isn’t perfect. You aren’t there to point that out. You are there to support him and your team. Go back and look at the job posting from when you took the job. Chances are it didn’t say anything about complaining about your boss and pointing out what is wrong with your boss to others. In fact, doing that behavior is as mean spirited of a behavior as you can have.

So forgive yourself everything from the past if you’ve done that. But now is the time to be the loving, kind, joyful person your dog thinks you are. Now is the time to bring your higher self to work to join the team instead of complaining about the team.

I promise you will start to love your job even more as soon as you take it on in this way—it’s transformative.

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