Hold Better Meetings

Have you ever had a meeting that went on twice as long as you wanted and STILL left you feeling more confused about the project than you did coming in?

You know what they say—“time is money.” So do you really have the time to meet with your team for an hour without any clear outcome? I don’t think so.

So, how do you make sure your next meeting accomplishes its goal? Just follow the system.

  • First, start on time no matter what. Everyone should be in the room at least 2 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start. And if they aren’t, you’ve GOT to call it tight, on the spot, or it will never happen.
  • Second, have an actionable agenda that clearly defines what decisions will be made, who needs to be present for those decisions, and how long each item will take. Make sure everyone has a copy.
  • Third, have a timekeeper. Make sure they know it’s their job to keep you on task with times listed in the agenda. Give them permission to interrupt anyone who is rambling beyond the allotted time.
  • Fourth, assign a leader to move the meeting forward.
  • Fifth, designate a chart person who stands and takes notes. Make sure this person lists clear actions as decisions are made—who is responsible for what by when—and wraps up each part of the actionable agenda. Make sure each person leaves the meeting with a copy of these notes.

It’s really just that easy. Follow this simple formula and transform your meetings.

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