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What if every customer who walked in the door said, “Wow! This is crazy great! Who are these people?”

Well, you know what? You can have that. But you’re going to need to focus on not just good customer service, not just consistent customer service, because you have to have both of these, but you also need to have some “wow” customer experiences that you create for them. Those few experiences where when they are in connection with you that they go “wow” and they want to go back and tell their friends.

The old world of marketing used to work this way. People used to say, “Who put the shoe on your horse?” They did a good job and so everyone would go to Joe who put shoes on the horse because they heard he did a good job. Then, advertising came along.

Guess what? Now, we’re back to tribal stories. People talking about talk-able experiences. And the only thing they’ll talk about is not just good customer service, but blow-your-mind, “oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe these people” customer service.

How can you create several of those experiences for your customers every day so that you know as they walk out the door, they are thinking, “Who are these people?”

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  1. Gerry Reilly says:

    As happy as we were to use your services me my friends and traveling
    Companions suffered a very disappointing experience yesterday
    Due to a storm in Iceland the wow crew sent all of us to Chicago
    Instead of Montreal. Consequently We were obliged to pay
    our fare to Montreal from our own pockets. United airlines
    Had no records of our names or transfer numbers
    It cost us dearly in fact I am here with my wife awaiting
    our travel companions at the Montreal airport .
    The Wow staff seemed most uninterested in our plight
    and merely told us to get in touch with you

    Hoping to get some news from the Wow administration


    Gerry Reilly

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