Discipline or Regret


The late Jim Rohn used to say there are only two pains in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. But the good news is we get to choose. I love that concept. You see in life we can have regrets of all the things we didn’t do, the health we didn’t have, the success we didn’t have. Those are all regrets. Alternatively, we have the disciplines. The disciplines of what we do to have good relationships. The disciplines that we do to have good health. The disciplines that we do to make sure that we are effective at our jobs.

So, all we have to do in life is create good disciplines and hold ourselves to them. How can you decide today to put one new discipline in place and to give yourself credit for it everyday and build it into a habit and then bring in another new discipline behind that. Because disciplines are what make successful people successful. However you define success, that’s up to you. So you have two choices for pain, discipline or regret. You choose.

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