Productive Meetings



If you ever really want to waste time at work, go to a meeting. A meeting that’s unstructured, that doesn’t have an actual agenda where you know exactly what the outcomes are for each section of the meeting, what time it starts, when it ends, who is responsible, and what you’re truly trying to accomplish, you can waste a lot of time in meetings. You see, in most meetings, there’s topics listed. While topic is lovely, but it doesn’t instruct people about what are we really doing about that topic?

For example, if the topic says Holiday Party, no one knows what you’re really doing. If instead you say define the budget, the theme and choose the date, and assign the team members who will be in charge of the holiday party, now everyone knows the outcomes of the meeting, and by doing that, everyone gets the outcomes so much faster. So make sure that you create actionable agendas, not agendas, and if there’s isn’t an agenda, don’t go to the meeting.

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