How to Adapt and Increase Your Impact When the World is Upside Down

This is a time of opportunity for you to show what you’re capable of doing. Listen, no one ever outperforms their expectations of themselves. They will tell you the story of why they can’t get something done when in reality, we’re all capable of so much more. We just didn’t know we had it in us. So how do you have that breakthrough performance for yourself so that you have a career opportunity as a result of these challenging times? By setting the bar really high and going for it. So if you had been creating a certain amount of results with five inputs, maybe tomorrow you need to bring 50 inputs to make that happen.

If you were someone who had some abilities that you did not have in the past, go figure out the abilities. Now is the time for massive action in the right direction, to make sure customers are feeling the love, future customers are seeing that you’re creating opportunities because you can hear them and listen and you care, and you’re showing more care than anybody else does. And lastly, this is a time for you to take care of yourself in a way you’ve never taken care of yourself before. Give yourself the self-love and self-care during difficult times, but also make sure that you get massively about making a difference in the world. That’s why we’re here on planet Earth anyway.

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