Character Is Revealed During Challenging Times

Character is revealed during challenging times.  So, what does your character look like right now—because these are challenging times.  For instance, are you the kind of person who is exploring to find what’s necessary right now and stepping ahead to make sure that your executive team has great visibility on the status of every project, on the status of every customer, on the status of every prospect that is in line to become one of your customers?  If not, that’s a sign of not having the character to anticipate what is necessary and important at a time like this and having that available.  Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers, and the world has a perfect accounting system. This is the time for you to be thinking about how to give more value than you ever have before.  How do you give at least 30% minimum more productivity, as a result of the work that you create than what you’ve ever created before by sharpening your saw, getting more brilliant in what you do, bringing more character to what you do, and having the strength to make sure that you’re adding massive value right now.  Listen, your teammates’ salaries and their bonuses depend on you figuring it out and adding more value.  Be that person of character, who absolutely is the one that everyone points to as the one who helped us emerge stronger from what we’re going through.

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