How to Get Promoted at Work

Is it time for you to have a better career opportunity? Great, then take the job you’re doing and build it out in such a way that if you’re not there next Thursday, then anybody else can step in and do it. In fact, if you’re not there for three weeks, anyone can step in and do what you’re doing. Because when you build out that job, suddenly people start looking at you and thinking: “I wonder if you can do that for other jobs?” You become instantly promotable.

It makes you far more attractive, because it forces you to think through “what’s the best way to do everything that I do?” It’s also a way of making sure your team is always taken care of.

So, build out that job. Make sure you have good operating procedures. Make sure they’re close to your desk so that anybody can step in and find them. Make sure that your manager knows that you’re doing exactly that, and they will be thrilled. You never know what’s possible for those that step in to make sure that anyone can do their job.

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