I’m Working on It

Do you ever tell your team members, or even your boss, “I’m working on something”? Here’s the problem with saying “I’m working on something”. Nobody knows whether that means you’re thinking about doing something, you’re five minutes into a 40-hour project, or it’s complete.

“Working on” is a part of your vocabulary that needs to go and it needs to be replaced with telling people exactly where you’re at.

“Listen, I’ve got the beginning of a plan laid out and structured, and it has been approved by my manager. I’m about to begin the first chapter of the four chapters, and I’ll be complete with that by the end of the week.” These are very powerful ways of saying the same thing, but actually mean something. So, think about having outcome-based communication. In other words, say your words so the people who are listening to you know exactly what you mean. It’s especially important when you’re talking about what you’re accomplishing.

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