The Smartest Investment You Can Make

Are you worth it? I mean, are you really worth it? The best investment you will ever make is an investment in you, in your development, in your possibilities, in your learning, in your ability to figure out things and tie things together. Yet, most people wait for their organization to invest in them. That doesn’t mean you need to go pay for your own graduate school or take some fancy courses, but it does mean that there are free courses available everywhere. There is free learning everywhere. There’s also some inexpensive learning that you can pick up as well.

I have found that the people who move ahead in life are those who are voracious readers, who are unstoppable in their learning. Because they learn a little bit from over here and a little bit from over there, they tie things together and become very intuitive at solving problems that other people can’t solve. The question that I have to ask you is, “Are you worth it?” Will you invest in the most important investment you’ll ever make, the investment in you?

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