How would your higher self handle this?

Maybe you already know the biggest problem that’s going to hit you today. When it does, have a conversation with yourself. How would my higher self handle this?

Let’s see. My higher self probably wouldn’t get explosive. My higher self probably wouldn’t start running for the hills. My higher self would probably say: “This will need some resourcefulness. I guess I’d better get my game on here, because I’m going to have to solve this.”

You see, your higher self will always solve a problem with innovation and spirit and without getting down. The natural tendency is often to get pulled down into our “lower selves”—slide into victimhood, complain to others, start to blame—the kinds of things that are the antithesis of the commitments of our higher selves.

So, what if you start every day by asking yourself this, before you hit your toughest moments: “What’s my biggest problem, and how would my higher self handle that today?”

– Roxanne Emmerich

5 Responses to “How would your higher self handle this?”

  1. Geneva Turner says:

    “Lift up the self with the Self
    And don’t let the Self droop down,
    For the Self is the self’s only friend
    And the self is the Self’s only foe.”
    – Bhagavad Gita 6:5

  2. My biggest problem is setting work priority assignment for the day.

    My higher self would write down on paper the work assignment, note when each is due, why and set up priority list.

  3. Write down the things/assignment, ascertain when each needs to be completed, why, how they relate to each other in order to establish possible sequencing to give meaning to setting up priority list.

  4. Set up an action plan for implementing the priority list.

  5. Set up a schedule for implementation, assign approximate time to each item and estimate how much time to complete the list.

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