I’m a hugger. This whole idea of living in a world of isolation, where we’ve had to wear masks and be away from people and social distancing, has been hard on me. I bet it’s been just as hard on you. Isolation from other people is considered an actual punishment in the penal system.

Let’s admit it: This has been hard. And yet we are responsible to make sure we keep up our relationships. Whether they’re through screens, or a distant wave, or somehow having an elbow bump.

Occasionally, we need to choose to be the people who give to others and know that they too are suffering from the feeling of isolation. Imagine coming from that grounded place of asking ourselves these questions:

How can I help people feel better about themselves in a world of isolation?

How can I help my customers feel more like they’re connected and that they really matter to me?

How can I have my coworkers feel that they matter to me?

When we come from that place, we can add a beautiful amount of rebuilding of humans who are suffering from feeling isolated.

So, if you’re feeling isolated, the best thing you can do is to help others feel less isolated. Just watch how that works.

– Roxanne Emmerich

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