When to Be More Like Your Cat than Your Dog…


Can’t seem to operate under the principle that there’s no problem asking a question, huh?

Diane Sawyer says, “a criticism is just a really bad way of making a request, so why not just make the request.” 

It’s so easy to go into a victim mentality and build a case against something when instead you could be asking for someone to do something about it.

We all tend to go into victimhood occasionally because we get something from it.

Whenever we’re a victim and don’t get what we want, we get to blame somebody. Then, everybody feels sorry for us, and they say “Oh, you poor thing!” and quite frankly, if we’re really truthful, there’s a need inside of us that is met by that. But it isn’t our healthiest self.

We’re far better off making a request for what we want.

Let’s face it, the world goes a lot faster when people just say “can you give that to me, we need to move over here right now, I need you to change this report.”

Simply make the request as opposed to saying “I don’t like the report and he never moves over where he needs to be.”

You can see the negative energy that comes along with a negative request as Diane Sawyer calls it. So, why not be more like your cat rather than your dog and assume that you can ask for things that you might get?

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