“Go find work…”


People are too interested in job descriptions.

I don’t believe in job descriptions; I believe that your job is to see what isn’t there and make that thing happen.

Yes, there are certain things that are expected from you in terms of your key roles and responsibilities and your critical drivers, all of those things matter. Yet, there are so many other things that happen within the company.

If you’re waiting to be told or sitting there waiting for the direction to do something when you can see it needs to be done, that’s not what your team needs from you. W.R. Grace had a wonderful way of hiring people years ago.

After they would hire them they would say: “Okay, you are hired, go find work. We’re not going to spoon-feed you.”

So go into a meeting, discover what needs to be done, and say I’ll take that project.”

Go out and say: “I’ll move that ahead. You can count on me boss, this will come back as a completion.”

Your job is to see what isn’t there.

Bring it home, make it happen.

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