The Brain Chemistry of Accomplishment…


More work to do than the time you have to do it in

Do you have more work to do than the time you have to do it in? Well, welcome to planet earth. That is the world we all live in now. And listen, here’s the thing, people sometimes run from a job like that yelling, “Ah, I am overwhelmed!” Then they go someplace else, where they’ll still have too much to do! And now they’re in a brand new job with far less experience, and it takes them even more time to get less done…  So, it just got a whole lot worse!

Here’s the thing: we have to accept the fact that we live in a sped-up world. There is a requirement to do more with less. Faster with fewer. And do it all better than ever…  What an opportunity!

Knock important things down because it feels good

If we let this crush us; If we define ourselves as being inadequate because we’re always feeling behind as opposed to saying, “I knocked that one down. I was super powerful today. I moved something else through;’” and if we don’t focus on the completion—we will stay in the world of being overwhelmed. So knock down those tasks, have it be a blast every time you move through it, give yourself a high five, and check it off the list! I don’t know about you, but I add things to my list just so I can check it off because it feels good, and there’s a brain chemistry shift that says, “Good job, You knocked something down!”

Create systems that ensure you are knocking important things down and feeling good about the fact that you’re focusing on what matters the most.

– Roxanne Emmerich

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