No stories, please

Business is filled with obstacles that we need to overcome and get through. The only thing that really works is an inner drive with complete commitment along with innovation and an unstoppable approach.

Obstacles will happen every day. When they see an obstacle, many people begin to craft their story of why the obstacle is the reason they can’t get the result. “Well, I was going to accomplish this, but then this happened, so I couldn’t accomplish it.”

Well, that’s a very sad story. But we’re not here at work to deliver great stories. We’re here to create great results. So, we need to assume that our job is to overcome the obstacles. That’s the actual job.

Obstacles will come our way every day. Choose to always be the person who brings that inner drive along with unstoppable innovation and purposefulness. When you come from that approach, you manage to break through obstacles.

And listen, it’s a lot of fun to win, isn’t it?

– Roxanne Emmerich

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