No Matter Where You Go… There You Are.


I read a quote recently. It said: “People think it is about finding a job they love. It’s not. It’s about loving the job you have.”

Yes, It’s about loving the job that you have.

You know what, you probably have a great job.

I guarantee you, while not perfect, you have some teammates who are pretty good human beings. And there’s probably one or two things about your supervisor that are probably pretty cool. And your CEO may not be perfect but probably has many good qualities. And your clients, oh my goodness, you get to make a difference in their lives!

It’s just not that bad.

The problem with switching jobs is everywhere you go there you are.

If you don’t like this job, statistically, it’s been proven that if you don’t like this job, you won’t like the next one… the one after that… and the one after that.

It is a skill set to decide to love your job, and it requires two things.

Number one, you get good at it, which means education never ends. Be a voracious leader and a learner to make sure that you understand things in the best possible way.

Number two, make a decision to be fantastic at what you do and to bring joy to what you do every day. It is a decision. Happiness is a decision.

The Dalai Lama said it best: “Happiness is a decision.” When you look at that decision, you’ll live a life that is happy.

So… stop looking for a new job to make you happy.

Start loving the job you have.

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  1. Asterio says:

    I could not agree more with the two lessons, leading one to love his/her job. It is common sense and practical.

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