One Scary State of Affairs


Based on a unique national study, focused explicitly on culture, there are a number of statistics that you need to understand.  

Did you know that 75% of American workers think that they perform in the top 10% of their company or of their field. And 68% think they work harder than most of their coworkers.  
I think we have a problem here. 75% can’t possibly perform at the top 10%, yet that’s what they think or believe.  

Misperceptions like these need to be addressed, and your employees must get real about what is expected of them and how they are doing in their respective roles. If not, how can you ever think that they’ll perform up to your expectations? How will you ever tie their efforts into profitability for your business? Without proper guidance, employees don’t have the tools or skills needed to evaluate and modify their own behaviors realistically. What’s the result? Big time business and low productivity. So, get clear yourself and make it clear for everyone else.  
Now, get ready for a wakeup call. This one is or should be more than a little scary… 

A recent national study uncovered that 58% of working Americans think doing average work is acceptable. Only 68% think that doing below average work is unacceptable. 58% think that too many employees strive to be average, rather than excellent. This paints a picture of the current reality in too many companies. Even when employees yearn for high performance culture that challenges them to become better, when people feel that it is acceptable to perform at or below average, it takes the wind out of the sails of the ambitious go getters who are essential to a successful business. On the other hand, when expectations are clear and well communicated, you have clear metrics of performance. This facilitates accountability and everyone’s sails will be filled with the winds of success.  
Standby for our next video, where we will talk about the dangers of negativity, and the one deadly sin you must know about how to eradicate gossip.  

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