The Different Needs of Executives Versus Gen Z


Are you on the pulse of what your executives need and want when it comes to their careers? 
More than at any other organizational level company executives prioritize career advancement opportunities. Well over half, or 54% of executives, will leave a company that doesn’t give them a path of education to advance their careers. Think of how disruptive that can be. Replacing an executive is both disruptive and extremely expensive. So what can you do? Invest in them. Investing in current managers and executives through ongoing development programs, and providing them with attractive career options, provides a high return on investment. It leads to higher performance and cultivates leadership, and that inspires all employees to strive for their highest potential.  

But what about Gen Z? Are they in a class of their own, particularly regarding work and work hours? When it comes to Gen Z, flexibility is the true currency. In fact, 63% said that they would quit if they were told they would be fired for being five minutes late. Although earlier in their career, they’re not afraid of making their expectations known to their employers. Flexibility is high on their list. This potential source of friction requires some real creativity. Customer service firms are accustomed to fixed and unforgiving start and stop times to provide timely responsive customer service. This applies to any type of customer service and yet, leaders need to be clear on messaging the flexibility they can and cannot offer to Gen Z. Smart leaders will look for creative ways to provide flexibility that aligns with the company’s key performance metrics.   

Next, we’re going to talk about getting creative with younger team members.

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