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Never Underestimate the Influence of Compassion

Have you ever thought about what your legacy is going to be? It doesn’t have to be that you become Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Maybe just making an impact on one or two people every once in a while, where you kind of rock their world and shape their world in a different way, is your calling. Being in a world where you are in the customer service experience gives you a great opportunity to help people see the world differently. I was talking to a CEO this morning who said that one of his friends who’s a pediatrician said what he felt most sad about during the COVID crisis was that he couldn’t see the small children to protect them, those who have bruises on their body. And what he was saying is that with many people trapped in their homes and losing their jobs and kind of losing their minds as a result, small children are in harm’s way and unable to be protected.

Who could you be where you could be motivating people to be better people and to remember to stay calm and good during challenging times? Who could you be to help people who are frantic about not being in a good place financially during difficult times, and lifting them up to have them see a world of possibilities and inspiring them to take first actions? Who do you need to be? Listen, the world doesn’t go around because once in a while a great leader comes by. We’re all called to be great leaders. And when we get away from ourselves and get about other people, that’s when our own lives begin to work so much better as well. So, as you move from the success in your life to the significant stage of your life, where you’re making an impact on others, success just comes so much more easily. Enjoy your legacy path and be conscious about it. What impact will you make today?

Live Your Word

Never nod when you don’t fully intend to commit. By doing that, you’re displaying what is called passive-aggressive behavior. Passive-aggressive behavior is when you say “yeah, I’ll do that,” but you don’t really have any intention of doing it. The problem with passive-aggressive behavior is people begin to not trust you.

If you say you’re going to do something, live your word. That’s what integrity really is. Integrity isn’t just not stealing and not doing bad things. It’s you in relationship with your word in such a way that you do what you say you’re going to do.

So, if you nod, that means your actions need to be this [nodding head] as well. By doing that, people trust you—and trust is the  foundation for all relationships.

Choosing Joy can be Addictive… Here’s How You Can Get Yourself Hooked.

Woohoo, where’s the party? I’m all dressed up for New Year’s Eve. I’ve been trapped with the COVID capture for a long time, and I haven’t been out either. Yet it occurs to me that we can either be morose about the circumstances, or we can decide to be in a state of celebration. Why celebrate? Because we have air to breathe. We have good people we get to work with. We get to be of service to the world. We get to bring joy into everything that we do. It’s how we perceive the world and what we bring to it that really matters because joy is not something that needs great things in order to happen.

I don’t know about you, but I was not raised with a silver spoon in my mouth. I, in fact, grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, and there was hardly enough food growing up. And we just barely eked out a living. So my recollection of growing up is that we were happy. We were joyful. We loved each other. We had a lot of fun. We had fun with neighbors. We made the best of circumstances.

So during tough economic times, it isn’t the end of the world. It’s like winter, you put on a winter coat, but you still go out. But while you’re going out, why not have some fun? Keep the joy in your spirit, decide to make life a party because you can choose misery or you can choose joy. It’s your choice.

The No Whining Zone

It’s never very attractive when adults whine and complain, is it? Whenever we see somebody else doing it, it just doesn’t feel like something that we want to be around. Yet it’s easy for all of us to go there, right? It’s always easy to point out what’s wrong and “somebody should do something.” Well, there’s nobody with a name tag that says “somebody.”

What do you do when something needs to be done? Follow this formula. Make a request specifically about what you’re looking for and ask for a commitment. Wouldn’t that be interesting? That is the alternative to whining.

Whining just keeps you stuck but making a request and asking for a commitment allows for the situation to have a breakthrough. It’s a way that we show our emotional maturity, and kindness.

If you’re a whiner, forgive yourself for everything from the past—now you know better. Every time you feel like whining, stop it. Instead, next time you feel like whining, simply replace it with a request, and ask for a commitment.

Linking the Chain: Team Accountability Starts With You

Are you the kind of person who needs to “have” in order to “do”? Well, what does that mean? Well, there are people who basically will tell you many times, “I couldn’t do that thing because I didn’t have what I needed from someone else.” Well, welcome to planet Earth. People will let you down. It’s not an excuse for you not to produce the result. At that point, are you being resourceful? Are you finding out how to get to that person to get what you need? Are you setting up camp at their doorstep? Are you working around them, because you ultimately gave your word to go get something else done?

In life, you don’t always have what you need in order to do what you need to do. After this COVID crisis, we know that we’ll probably not see customers walk in our doors the way that they used to in the past. If we have a “need to have in order to do” personality and mindset, that’s going to be a real hold up to our career, because the reality is now we get to figure out a way to go call on people, add massive value, which means we get to figure out how to do that. We get to figure out the skills in order to be good at it when we do it, and we get to, not have to, but get to, be resourceful in making it happen. Give up the habit, in order to do, don’t ever say to your supervisor, “I didn’t get it done because of somebody else.” If they let you down, step in, get it done, move it along. Be a person of resourcefulness.