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How to avoid re-work

It’s amazing how much rework happens in America today. You see, someone will ask for something to be done and that person will go, “Okay,” and they’ll go off to do something. What they didn’t do is say, “Okay what are the conditions of satisfaction? When does this need to be done? How has this been done in the past? Are there any procedures written? How can I optimize this? What’s “over the moon” results for this particular project?”

When good questions are asked, then good results can happen. Also, as soon as that project is complete, it’s not truly complete until you go back to the person who asked you to do it and say, “Did this meet the conditions of satisfaction?” You see by making sure that you get the conditions of satisfaction and making sure that you met the conditions of satisfaction, you create great results with very little rework and are much more time efficient.

Now as much as we love to work, it’s also nice to go home and be around our significant others and our families. And we do that best when we do things right the first time.

Oh What a Year!


An Opportunity to Create Something Better

Oh, what a year this last year has been, and thank goodness, we get a new first start!

Let’s face it, there will probably be some challenging times ahead, just like we’ve had a challenging year behind us, and what an opportunity! And when I say opportunity, that means we can either look at the new year and see only problems ahead of us, or we can look at it and say, “Hmm, what an opportunity to create something better. What do I want to go create?”

Create a Great Day

Most people say, “Have a good day!” Honestly, I think that’s kind of silly; I think we should be saying, “Create a great day!” Because if we’re being honest, when we wake up in the morning and start finding all the things that are going wrong, we tend to create more things that go wrong.

When we wake up in the morning and ask the question, “I wonder what really amazing, great thing is going to happen today,” we create amazing things.

So as you approach this next year, approach it with a passion in your heart to make a bigger difference on the world than you’ve ever made before. Have more fun than you’ve had before.

Decide that the setbacks are temporary, say “Oh well that happened! onward we go.” And bring joy to everything that you do.

I wish you the happiest of the new year to make sure that you and all of those you love create a spectacular one!

– Roxanne Emmerich

Better Than Santa Claus…


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

As I think about my life growing up, I loved Christmas because, well, we would get presents! And as a kid, that was a really cool thing.

Be Present with Others

As an adult though, I’ve learned that there’s something even better than receiving presents and that is being present for other people.

Being there with them. Listening to them. Hearing what’s going on in their lives. Finding ways to help them!

That is the great opportunity!

So as you begin this holiday season, think about how you could be more present to those that you love—to those that you love at work. And let’s face it, we do get to love the people we work with because we often spend more time with them than we do with our own families.

Learning to be present with others brings great power. Let’s give it a try.

Merry Christmas to you.

– Roxanne Emmerich

Never Underestimate the Influence of Compassion


Have you ever thought about what your legacy is going to be?

It doesn’t have to be that you become Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Maybe just making an impact on one or two people every once in a while, where you kind of rock their world and shape their world in a different way, is your calling.

Being in a world where you are in the customer service experience gives you a great opportunity to help people see the world differently. I was talking to a CEO this morning who said that one of his friends who’s a pediatrician said what he felt most sad about during the COVID crisis was that he couldn’t see the small children to protect them, those who have bruises on their body. And what he was saying is that with many people trapped in their homes and losing their jobs and kind of losing their minds as a result, small children are in harm’s way and unable to be protected.

Who could you be where you could be motivating people to be better people and to remember to stay calm and good during challenging times?

Who could you be to help people who are frantic about not being in a good place financially during difficult times, and lifting them up to have them see a world of possibilities and inspiring them to take first actions?

Who do you need to be?

Listen, the world doesn’t go around because once in a while a great leader comes by. We’re all called to be great leaders. And when we get away from ourselves and get about other people, that’s when our own lives begin to work so much better as well. So, as you move from the success in your life to the significant stage of your life, where you’re making an impact on others, success just comes so much more easily. Enjoy your legacy path and be conscious about it.

What impact will you make today?

When Things are Chaotic, be a Stellar Communicator with your Manager


Does your direct supervisor know exactly what you’re working on this week and what kind of results you’re committed to making happen? In addition, the kind of exceptions happening and what you’re doing about those? If not, you might call your manager a micromanager, but let me assure you, they may not be a micromanager. You have made them into one.

You see managers are responsible for the outcomes of the job for all their direct reports. They should have great visibility into the status of every project such as who’s being called, what kinds of things are you talking to them about? Where are the exceptions? What kind of results are you getting? Where are you having problems getting the results? What are you doing about that, etc. Without complete communication and the status of every project known, that manager is put in a very uncomfortable spot. If they can’t deliver on the outcomes and see the inputs being managed properly, guess what? They now become a micromanager.

When that happens, that doesn’t look good for you because it basically means you’re letting them down. Step in and be an authentic communicator that creates great visibility. And if you have a problem, bring it up and talk about what you’re doing about it, so your manager won’t be surprised that something broke down or some number didn’t get hit. What they don’t want to hear about is that you’re covering it up and not making it completely visible, as well as your plan to get around it.

Build some great visibility in everything you do and make sure that you give your manager a phenomenal daily or weekly report, at a minimum, a monthly report as well, about the exact status of everything, so they don’t have to ask. And think of the time you’ll save for both of you.