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Be Coachable

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Think of the superstar high performers you’ve seen over the years in your business. How many have you seen dance the Big Dance for a while, then suddenly self-destruct?

I’ve seen far too many myself.

Once I started paying attention to this pattern, I started noticing what made the difference between those who would do well and then crash, and those who would do well…and then do better and better. The ones who crashed were not able to accept advice and coaching. The ones who persisted and thrived were. Period.

Being perfect is overrated. I don’t need to know that someone who works for me is perfect. I need to know they’re coachable.

Being coachable doesn’t just mean you’re open to suggestions. It means you’re hungry for them, thirsty for them. You DEMAND input, because you know that’s the golden road to rocking it.

Some high performers think they don’t need any more coaching. They’re high performers after all! But a real high performer knows she can always go higher. She…

  • Records her sales calls and asks the boss to review them.
  • Asks how she’s doing, often.
  • Asks how she can improve.
  • When getting coached, she’s open and grateful and NEVER tells the coach they’re wrong.

Master coachability and there is literally nothing you CAN’T master.