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The Authentic Commitment

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Did you ever make a commitment, only to get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know you can’t quite see this one through?

Sure you have. We all have. The question is what to do next.

Too many people let the clock tick away until the deadline arrives, and THEN announce that they won’t be able to deliver after all. When you express your frustration at the lack of delivery, they often look surprised—“Hey, I said I was sorry!”

That dog just don’t hunt. It’s inauthentic, and it damages trust.

If this describes you, here’s the new plan: When you get that sinking feeling, listen to it. Step up immediately and say, “You know what, I might have answered too quickly. I have six other deadlines for today and this may not be realistic. Is tomorrow morning at 10:00 acceptable? If not, I’ll need to renegotiate some of my other commitments so I don’t let others down.”

When you make an authentic commitment, there’s an expansive, open feeling, because you know you can deliver on the promise you’ve made. Paying attention to the feeling that comes with every commitment you make is the key to building trust. And trust is the key to success.