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Meetings outside of meetings

Monday, February 24th, 2014

We’ve all seen it. A meeting ends, a decision’s been made—then two or three people head off to whisper in a dark corner about how they can undercut that decision. Within 24 hours, they often succeed.

It’s called “meetings outside of meetings,” and it’s deadly to any organization. It’s also downright dishonest. The meeting itself is the place to make your concerns known and to give others the chance to do the same.

Of course that requires that a person really has the best interest of the organization at heart. Unfortunately that’s not always the case, so those who DO have their hearts in the right place need to step in.

If you have a concern about a decision that’s been made, and you weren’t able to get it addressed in the meeting, always go straight to the person who can actually make the change happen, and do it immediately.

If you find yourself talking to Stan about what Oliver should do, STOP! You are meeting outside of the meeting. Instead, take the short walk to Oliver’s office, or pick up the phone and talk directly.

Finally, make sure not to tolerate or enable other people meeting outside of meetings. If someone starts such a meeting, walk straight into the huddle, put up your hand, then point toward the person who needs to hear it!